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Unveiling of a Complete Set of Blood Pressure Control Drugs

On the eve of the World Blood Pressure Day, Dr. Abidi’s domestic pharmacists managed to produce the most comprehensive package of blood pressure monitoring drugs. In this drug package, most of its products being manufactured as a combination drug, for the first time in Iran, a combination of three drugs for controlling blood pressure has been produced and marketed. Dr. Abidi Company organized a presentation ceremony to introduce this product package and delegated its design and implementation to Eshareh advertising company from the dnaunion group. At the ceremony, with the presence of expert doctors specialized panels were also held and various questions were answered.

40% of Iranians Die Due to Cardiovascular Diseases
According to the Ministry of Health, more than 40 percent of deaths among Iranians are now due to cardiovascular diseases. High blood pressure is one of the most important risk factors for these diseases. More than 50% of people with high blood pressure are unaware of it, because the disease does not show any symptoms, and about two thirds of the patients, after knowing their disease, should take more than one daily dose to control it. In this regard, with an aim to ease the use and improving the level of patient’s tolerance and satisfaction, Dr. Abidi’s pharmacists managed to produce this complete set of blood pressure medication.
At the ceremony, held on the sideline of the 6th International Congress on Heart Failure, a large number of physicians and cardiologists, as well as neurologists, endocrinologists, nephrologists and internists were present.

Among the participants there were figures such as Dr. Babak Sharif Kashani, chairman of the 6th International Congress of Cardiac Heart Failure; Dr. Farzad Hadaegh, endocrinologist and Head of the Metabolic Disorders Research Center, Shahid Beheshti University of Medical Sciences; Dr. Behrouz Boroumand, endocrinologist and Former Chief of Iran Nephrology Association; Dr. Mohammad Reza Ghini, neurologist and professor at Tehran University of Medical Sciences; and Dr. Masoud Ghasemi, President of the Iranian Association for Atherosclerosis. They exchanged views on the need to control blood pressure and the effects of the combination of these drugs.

“At present, more than 10 million people in Iran are having hypertension,” said Dr. Seyed Amir Razavian, CEO of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company, pointing to the high number of people with hypertension in Iran. Half of these people are unaware of their illness; many people who are aware of their illness and are being treated do not fully process the treatment, he said. Dr. Razavian added: “The number of drugs that people who have hypertension need to take is high, which makes it harder for the patient to cure the treatment, or they even forget to take medication.” Therefore, our main goal in producing these combination drugs was to ease the use of medications for patients,” he added. “There are several factors that affect the quality of a drug,” he said. We succeeded in introducing our products into a distinct quality by investing in areas such as importing new devices, training specialist personnel, developing research and development, and new formulations.”
Dr. Hashem Sazavar, a cardiologist and head of the heart department of the Rasoul-e-Akram Hospital, speaking on the sidelines of the ceremony, said: “Today, the use of two or three pill combinations is common in the world, and combination therapy is advised by physicians as a single dose. Also, in the studies conducted, combination therapy has been more effective than single-dose therapy to achieve normal blood pressure. ”
This drug package currently consists of four different products, three of which are combined and supplied to the market.