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EMRC Participates in 23rd Press Exhibition

The 23rd Press Exhibition is being held in the presence of media representatives from various fields in Tehran. There are more than 940 media outlets in 600 pavilions. Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) is also present at the exhibition as one of the most important media monitoring centers.

The EMRC due to its close relationship with print media and their daily monitoring plays an important role in providing information and improving their performance.

In this information, the media is told about the audience’s feedbacks on the printed matter, and by determining the exact angle the readers take  they help the media decide their course of action. This information will also help the media survive in the marketplace. Information gathered through the TGi tool is collected and updated every day. Also, through TGi, the pattern of using media in Iran and the changes that have taken place in them in recent years are examined.
These surveys are conducted especially in print media, including journals and newspapers. Moreover, by using TGi, advertising monitoring in high circulated papers is conducted so that by analyzing them, marketing strategies of the brands are evaluated. The welcome accorded to the EMRC stand at the 116th pavilion is noteworthy, and the company people respond to various questions of the media activists present at the largest media event.