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IRIB Managers Visit dnaunion Group

  • Senior financial, administrative & commercial managers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) visit dnaunion group
  • Contribution of IRIB and dnaunion for more effectiveness of advertising budget


Senior financial, administrative and commercial managers of the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) on Monday (Sept. 4) visited the dnaunion group. In this meeting, Dr. Ahmad Shahriyari Planning and Financial Resources Deputy of IRIB, Abbas Mahdavi Commercial Director General of IRIB and a number of other officials of IRIB met and conferred with the Board of Directors of dnaunion group. The senior IRIB officials after inspecting the different companies operating under the dnaunion group discovered the important part the group plays in preparation of information and important research data in the country’s advertising industry: A role that would cause better progress of the effectiveness of the advertising industry as a key factor in the country’s economy.

Also in the course of the inspection tour the IRIB officials were familiarized with the latest scientific and operational achievements in the advertising industry most of which have been applied for the first time in the group of dnaunion companies. The group of dnaunion companies has been founded on the basis of the latest research and scientific methods.


Interesting Point

An important and interesting point in the visit was that the IRIB officials along with the board of directors of the group reviewed different challenges facing the advertising industry. Also in this gathering constructive talks were held on the methods for making the advertising budget of the brands more effective: Methods that would draw a bright future for the country’s advertising industry.


dnaunion: Scientific & Successful

Dr. Ahmad Shahriyari, Deputy for Planning and Financial Resources of IRIB talking about measures to make the advertising budget of the brands target oriented said: “The Commercial Department of IRIB and advertising agencies in line with each other are moving in the direction of realization of one target: A target by focusing on which, interactions and activities in the field of marketing will increase. Such interactions and mutual understanding will be developed out of consultation and further contacts of the two sides with each other. Certainly by staying away from each other and separating IRIB from advertising agencies no success would be achieved.

“On the other hand, the country’s economic atmosphere is another emphasis on the expansion of these interactions. Our country is growing and if we proceed in this same direction, we will be witness to an extraordinary dynamism in the economy. In such a large economy, the market will be witness to a more competitive approach. Such an approach will entail expansion of the advertising atmosphere: A space which has enhanced the advertising budget of the brands. In this regard, forecasts show that in the near future we will be witness to a 30% growth in the advertising industry. Such a growth is outstanding and interesting in this industry. Certainly this growth will increase with a better understanding of the brands about advertisement. Moreover, the issue of culture has further assisted brands to pay more attention to the marketing.

“Our country’s audience has mostly taken the style of family life and this same issue makes TV commercials more important. Such speculative mode will not change easily. Groups such as dnaunion will greatly help growth of such a line of thinking in our country. A group which, compared to other companies which have been visited during this period, take steps in this industry more scientifically and with a more stable infrastructure. The dnaunion group with this trend of movement will move ahead of other advertising companies. In this group, market research and scientific subjects are of great importance and this same issue has guaranteed success of the group. Furthermore, I found the key to the success of the group in its coherent and solid team: A team that is moving forward with patience, prudence and precision and makes no attempt for sudden leaps.


Eshareh: A Creative Advertising Company

In continuation of the visit, Nassim Forouzandeh in charge of receiving advertising orders for television commented on Ertebat Tasvir Eshareh Company which is one of the subsidiaries of the dnaunion group. He said: “During my activity in the Commercial Department the method of activity of Ertebat Tasvir Eshareh Company has been very attractive for me. The company’s output has always been interesting, regular and good. Such an output has always persuaded me to visit this creative company. By visiting this company I learned more about its success. Getting together of creative, patient and sympathetic people in this company has resulted in its success.”


More Interaction between IRIB and dnaunion Group

Dr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of dnaunion group, commenting on the aim of the visit said: “Inspection of the activities and outlining the performance of the young specialized forces who, through empathy and sympathy, have helped build part of the advertising industry, were among the important points we intended to underline in this meeting. This meeting from a close encounter greatly helped to change the outlook and portray a better image of the advertising industry. Also experts of this field will find out the important role they are playing in the field of advertising and will take steps in the sound direction of creativity with further encouragement and assurance.

“Therefore, the main aim of the visit is establishing a two-way relation and developing a mutual understanding between the IRIB and the dnaunion group. Such a functioning by IRIB will make the advertising industry find its main position in the economy: A position that will be achieved by unveiling the efforts of those active in the field of advertising industry in this meeting. These series of visits are being arranged for the first time in the country and certainly would have outstanding effect on the relations between agencies active in the field of advertisement and the IRIB.”

Pashapour further remarked: “Another important point is that in such meetings in addition to the Commercial Department, representatives of other deputy offices were also present which will help stabilization of the role of advertising in better advancement of the economic targets. These visits are regulated on the basis of the type of the interaction these agencies have with the Commercial Department. Other officials of the organization one after another will pay such visits. In fact, planning has been made for these series of meetings in the interactions and different consultations between those active in the field of advertising and officials of the IRIB: Visits which are indicative of the efforts of the organization for the support and alignment of the trend of movement of TV commercial processes with capabilities of the advertising industry.”