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  • henkel,eshare,advertising,pril,campaign
  • henkel,eshare,advertising,pril,campaign
  • henkel,eshare,advertising,pril,campaign
  • henkel,eshare,advertising,pril,campaign
  • henkel,eshare,advertising,pril,campaign

Fast Breaking Dishes That Satisfy Our Wishes

Irrespective of the passage of time, we will still speak about the people who extend a helping and kind hands towards others and teach them how to stand. Good work and generous actions will neither be forgotten nor erased from one’s mind. The pleasure of a collective experience of helping those who are in need of our attention at this very moment is something more than individual contributions.

The Pril brand in the fasting month of Ramadan this year hand in hand with the ‘Children of Heaven’ Charity and with the fast breaking dishes of the people of Iran intended to meet the wishes of the children.

Kasra Saberi, the Project Manager of this campaign, says: “One of the annual promotional programs of Pril brand takes place in the month of Ramadan. This year Henkel Company came to the conclusion that it wanted to expand its activities in the area of social responsibilities. The month of Ramadan was an appropriate opportunity for the realization of this target. The order by Pril was a campaign for social responsibility in the digital environment in which it had not conducted any activity so far.

We reviewed the activities of many charity institutes and finally we came across the Children of Heaven Charity which had effective cooperation with us.

The initial idea of the campaign was inspired by the concept Pril had implemented in other Muslim countries under different topics. Of course, the form of implementation in those countries was different and we made a lot of changes in the campaign.

We made an image loading system and through different media invited people to share their fast breaking dishes and at the same time invite their friends and relatives to the event.

We set three phases in which for a certain number of pictures in each phase a sum of money would be allocated to the Children of Heaven Charity. Now the question is why Pril does not contribute to the charity directly? By implementing this campaign Pril aimed at encouraging people to be present in the social movement; through which people with a simple move and only through sharing photos can help their fellow countrymen in the fasting month of Ramadan.

The campaign had two open and closed phases. Two weeks prior to the month of Ramadan we started the closed phase by print advertisement in a number of journals. At this stage the aim was to draw public attention with the slogan “Let’s make them happy”. To use the verb “make” in the slogan was with an aim of gathering the audience and stressing on the collectiveness of the move; in brief we wanted to say that in this benevolent activity we are all together.

After this phase we entered into the main stage of the campaign and screening the main images in different media. We disseminated the information through several channels and the conclusion of the work was making a documentary on the donation of the amount in consideration and holding the ceremony at the Children of Heaven Charity. People showed an outstanding cooperation and had the right to see the result of their work.

Finally we were able to go beyond our projections. Our target was 10 thousand images for which 100 million tomans would be contributed to the charity. But we reached 11,023 images which led to more help.”

Dorsa Rokni, in charge of implementation of Pril project in the media sector says: “Dissemination of information prior to the month of Ramadan informed the people that Pril is expected to take a measure but they did not disclose its nature. This dissemination of information was only carried out in journals. But after the month started all the media in consideration started their activities: environmental media (Enqelab Club boards and metro billboards), journals, newspapers, websites, banners and the IRIB (Radio & TV).

“Our restrictions in advertising this event in the IRIB resulted in obtaining a new experience in planning for this media outlet. On the one hand the Children of Heaven Charity, like many other charities, was reluctant to make advertisement on TV.

“On the other hand it was not possible to announce the activity mechanism directly on the IRIB. Therefore, we prepared 10-minute teasers with the presence of cinema celebrities which were broadcast every few nights during the month of Ramadan. In this teaser which was produced under the cover of a cooking program, the actor in consideration would talk about charity works and invite people to share their fast breaking dishes through a website whose address appeared in subtitle.

“The emotional orientation of the campaign prompted us to get help from actors who were popular and exemplary. The final program dealt with the ceremony for presenting a check by Pril’s representative which was held on Eid al-Fitr on IRIB Channel 5. The films were also uploaded on

“Let me add that we tried to have cooperation with actors who used Instagram themselves and with the release of a photo on their page they would explain the mechanism of the campaign.

“Tickers about the campaign were aired during the highly viewed programs of the IRIB in the month of Ramadan and thus the people were informed of the “dishes of dreams” campaign.

“In accordance with the targets of the campaign after completion of each stage on social networks, people were informed. People could see the number of the photos that had been uploaded on the site through a counter.

“Preparation of two 15-second stop-motion films on the mechanism of the campaign for release in Instagram and cooperation with Fidelio constituted other activities of the campaign.”