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  • magnolia norooz gift
magnolia norooz gift

Magnolia, Digital ‘Haft-Seen’

The last days of the year are hectic times for advertising companies, days in which most of them are trying to design and present their Nowruz (New Year) gifts. The Magnolia Advertising Company, like others, had designed Nowruz gifts.

Magnolia has maintained a different perspective about usage of technology in its promotional gift; the technology that has found its foothold in the routine life of the audience and is being used every day.

In this outlook, the audience applies the same technology they deal with every day for another usage. Magnolia offers them a Haft Seen (Haft-seen, is an arrangement of seven symbolic items whose names start with the letter S in the Persian alphabet. It is traditionally displayed at Nowruz, the Iranian New Year's Day) that one can keep as a memento for a long time and enjoy the freshness of its wheatgrass and the liveliness of its red fish. This different and practical outlook is seen in all Magnolia campaigns.

Head of Creative Technology Department of Magnolia Advertising Company, Behzad Rahimi, said: “We have reviewed various suggestions to come up with the idea of Magnolia's gift. Our goal was to arrive at an idea that, in addition to being attractive and appealing, would use technology and stimulate the audiences' curiosity.

Rahimi said: “Thanks to the ideas, our team offered the audience a Haft-Seen that, besides being different, had the capability of being transported easily and shared with others.”

 Magnolia is a company that seeks to make proper and effective use of technology, he added.

Nowadays, technology plays a big role in promotional campaigns and a diversified outlook towards it will bring about valuable gains for brands. Such an approach will reduce the cost and time of producing the Nowruz gift.

It should be noted that this gift has been made up of two parts, video and a charter. A special technique has also been used to create the video; a technique that makes the video more attractive and appealing to the audience.