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Nowruz Lady of dnaunion and Yearend Ceremony

The yearend ceremony of dnaunion is approaching and the days of the year have special meaning for dnaunion. Each day and every moment has its own place. The yearend ceremony and the beginning of the new season in dnaunion is a blessed event which is observed each year through a special ceremony in this group. This year the public relations office of the group held the annual ceremony for the invitation to the yearend ceremony on fifth of Esfanad (February 24).

Fifth of Esfanad each year is the Sepandarmazgan Day; the day for marking women and land. On this day in Persia, it has been customary for men to give gifts to their wives or seat them on the royal throne and obey their orders. The dnaunion according to its annual tradition and for marking this significant day, selected one ruler from among lady staff in each company in order to rule over the company for a specific period of time. The ruler was named “Nowruz Lady” and decided to announce the yearend ceremony on the same day.

But no one should think that the ceremony was a simple one and without New Year timpani and trumpet… No! As always and according to a pre-determined plan it was held on time and according to the schedule. Baskets of iris in the hands of representatives of the dnaunion public relations office were sent from one company to another and the sound of trumpet echoed in the companies of thednaunion group plus Haji Firouz dancing in the middle. The names of the ladies of the companies had been put in a glass round container and one of the staff would elect the Nowruz Lady. Then beautiful crown of flowers would be placed on the head of the lady. Next came the memorial photo, cookies and tea…

The date was specified and arrangements were made in each company and administration of the company was delegated to the Nowruz Lady.

In these three hours, the Nowruz ladies of the dnaunion group in each company took measures to leave a good memory of the closing days of the year in the mind of all. From collective plays up to closing the company sooner than usual could be found in the rulings of the ladies. EMRC Company too organized a competition for each participant to do a creative job and receive an award. In short, for three hours the dnaunion had a different atmosphere and had spread its Nowruz aura in the companies.

We should wait a little bit for the yearend ceremony…