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Fifth Training Course for TGi Analysis

The fifth training course for TGI analysts will be held with the cooperation of AAV School and EMRC Company in The middle of Ordibehesht (early May) this year.

We asked Sepideh Sobhi, the Project Manager of TGI in EMRC Company and a course lecturer to give further explanations. She began by giving a brief description of TGI.

“TGI project which is being implemented in Iran under the license of Kantar Media by the EMRC Company is a longitudinal project which in fact helps owners of services and commodities to survey its target group in terms of consumption pattern of the products and services and demographic characteristics, media application habits, lifestyle and consumer attitude.

“The TGI project is being implemented periodically and constantly. For the time being, this project is being implemented in 17 cities of Iran on 15 product groups and each year it collects data concerning 10,000 sample households and the information is analyzed and classified with the help of exclusive ‘Choices’ software.”

Referring to the necessity of holding TGI research training courses, Sobhi says: “The exclusive Choices software can analyze a large amount of information at high speed but the users are in need of training for using different reports in the area of market and consumer identification in order to utilize this software and collected information in a sound and efficient way. In this course we teach the users to soundly analyze the information.

“Customers who purchase TGI data can send up to three staff members of their organizations for free training to the course. But, in addition to the purchasers, students interested in the subject matter in relevant courses may enroll and attend the course.

“This training course has eight sessions which deal with topics such as reporting and market research and statistical information and concept analysis issues. It also provides a workshop like opportunity where the users can share their experiences with others and raise their different questions.”