DMN Completes Its Sixth Puzzle


Huawei Brand Opening Ceremony at Tehran’s Charsu Trade Center

ODT Foresightedness

On Sunday, January 22, 2017 the participants began the ODT program with a question about their future. It was a question they apparently had not thought about seriously so far but a fillip took them to the next 10 years.

New ODT programs were launched by the dnaunion group. The plan is being performed with an aim of proximity between the industry and the university and removing the gap between the two and in line with the social responsibility of the dnaunion group.

Those interested in professional activities in the field of marketing were among the participants in this program.

Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of the dnaunion group, at the beginning of the course asked the participants to introduce themselves in a different way which will remain in memories within 20 seconds.

This startup motivated the participants in the course and provided them with an opportunity to have more interaction. In this course, each of the participants designed a billboard with a free subject which was shown in this program. The person who had designed the billboard had to listen to the conversations of the others.

The movement helped further involvement of the participants. The participants then were briefly informed of the history of the group, a history which showed how efforts, consistency and foresight can turn an idea into a global business. In this course Magnolia and EMRC from the dnaunion group were present and offered ideas about the experiences and case studies of the projects in this field.

Later, the participants visited different companies of the dnaunion group and closely observed the working environment wherein they would possibly be present in future.

This course provided an interesting experience for the participants according to their own acknowledgement. Some of the participants considered the ODT course a turning point in their life while some others considered it exciting, attractive and functional. With all of these explanations, the sixth term of the ODT course of the AVV School was held in the current year.