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Huawei Brand Opening Ceremony at Tehran’s Charsu Trade Center

The opening ceremony of Huawei brand was held with great excitement at Charsu Trade Center of Tehran in the presence of a large number of the brand lovers amid special programs planned for the occasion.

Amir Hossein Qassemi, the Huawei Retail Sales Manager, speaking about the ceremony said: “The target of Huawei in running direct supply stores is to establish better and easier contacts with the group of its audience. Customers by visiting these shops in the best and most qualified condition can purchase products of Huawei brand. The Huawei brand has an expanded market in Iran and is after new and fresh ways to establish connection with its potential and actual customers.

“This brand has increased the responsibility and activity of companies distributing Huawei products in order to distribute more products and put them at the disposal of the customers. The brand is regularly producing new products and presenting them to the market. By doing so, the brand is trying to meet the demand of the market. For Huawei brand the customer-oriented factor has high priority and we are always trying to offer the best service to our customers.”

Qassemi added: “The customers by visiting the Huawei brand shops establish direct contact with the brand and by testing the Huawei mobile sets and with the assistance they receive from professional sales agents can easily make up their minds on purchasing the better product. In this way, the brand creates satisfaction and confidence among the customers prior to purchasing. The Huawei brand in future will set up mobile sales centers in Iranian shops. In addition, the Huawei brand will hold special sales festivals and draw and awards presenting ceremonies for its audience in the shops.”

Shadan Baqeri, the Huawei Brand Manager, spoke about the DMN – A Brand Experience Agency and said: “The Huawei brand has decided to run 16 sales centers throughout Iran. On this basis the opening ceremonies of these shops are regularly being held in different locations. The opening ceremony for one of the shops was held at Charsu Trade Complex.”

The Huawei brand is considering a variety of programs for the opening ceremonies of its stores and implements them. For example, the brand Huawei store at Charsu Trade Complex had been wrapped as a gift one day before the opening ceremony in order to stimulate the curiosity of the audience. Men in special red outfit performed an interesting program for the visitors. After fully attracting the attention of the audience, the men in red started to unwrap the Huawei brand store as a gift.

After the performance, like all the opening ceremonies, the ribbon of the store was cut by the senior manager of the Huawei and the customers visited the store. In the opening ceremony it was tried to use tools such as balloons on which the name of the Huawei brand had been written.

Baqeri added: “In addition, two draw ceremonies were held on the sideline of the opening ceremony. In one of the draws, five participants attending the opening ceremony at Charsu Trade Complex received five P8 Lite mobile sets. In the second draw after the opening of the store, gifts will be presented to the customers who in the course of one week purchase Huawei products. In this round of the draw, the mobile set Mate 9 Lite will be given to the winners.”

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