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Workshop to Formulate One-Year Strategy of dnaunion Group of Companies

Inspiration, Creativity and Transformation Workshop

An ‘Inspiration, Creativity and Transformation Workshop’ was held with the cooperation of AAV Marketing School and the Berlin School of Creative Leadership for the managers and staff of the dnaunion Group of Companies.

The general goal of the workshop was to provide a redefinition of creativity, describe its relationship with change and outline the existing obstacles on the way of creativity.

A closer look at creative thinking, inspiration and transforming these subjects to applicable items in business as well as readiness for the acceptance of change at all levels were among other targets of the workshop.

Among the most important advantages of the two-day workshop was preparation of the organizations for the acceptance of change with smiling faces, cooperation and further flexibility under the condition of change.

Jamshid Alamouti, the workshop lecturer said that one of the greatest obstacles on the way of creativity is pre-judgments, individual calculations and skepticism. He said he considered the way to cope with this weakness is through courage, daring to face new problems, presenting solutions without thinking of the consequences and even the courage to enjoy failure.”

He said: “Fear of making mistake, while eliminating creativity is a major barrier for creative decision making. We should remember that in case the mistake is big it will be remembered and will become an incentive for the impeccable continuation of the path, because we would never repeat a big mistake.”

In the continuation of the workshop, Alamouti presented examples to the participants for the elucidation of the relationship between logic and creativity.

Naser Pashapour, Managing Director of dnaunion Group, says: “The human being has fear at different levels and fear is an undeniable component of man. Perhaps the origin of fear is not so much important; but the main cause for most of our fears is to be afraid of deterioration of the things we have made, fear of losing, fear of being judged, and fear of the consequences. But this same fear has some education behind it and the human being after a period will learn how to risk or in some cases dare to venture out the courage of risking. And sometimes we should be afraid of ‘fear’ as it will enslave the human being in its own world and deprive him of the power to make a right decision; in other words, when the human being is not able to change or make changes.”

Pashapour considers himself a conservative who is not afraid of failure; a person who would not even deny the pleasure of taking risks!