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Well-known Iranian charity Raad has enlisted services of 1001 Branding Agency, a member of the dnaunion family, to launch a rebranding project. Raad charity’s rebranding project is in its final stages and will soon be completed.

To enhance the charity’s performance and expand its public reach, managers of Raad charity decided that a reform and rebranding project was necessary. One of the major donors of the charity who has backed Raad through the years recommended 1001 Branding Agency as a well-equipped candidate for shouldering the task.

Ehsan Moqadampoor, an official with the charity, says, “In addition to introducing us to amazing services of 1001 Branding Agency, the donor has accepted to pay for the rebranding project as well.”

He continued by saying, “Raad charity is among the top five NGOs in Iran; however, it is not as famous as the other major charities and NGOs. Raad focuses on disability — it is a field that hardly draws as much attention as charities working on fields like cancer.”

According to him, a wider range of people have been affected by a disease such as cancer losing relatives and loved ones to the illness. He believes that personal experience would encourage people to regularly donate to NGOs working on cancer.

“We have recognized this issue at Raad, and we are aiming to solve it through the rebranding project. We hope that the project would enable us to raise awareness about disability and challenges disabled people face through their life,” Moqadampoor says.

To kick start the project, 1001 Branding Agency conducted a thorough research of the situation and held several meetings with managers of Raad charity.

Moqadampoor says, “Through these meetings, our needs and aspirations were discussed. We also briefed 1001 Agency on our short- and long-term needs and plans, and then the collaboration started.”

“Right now, we’re in the process of making a brand identity book for the charity while training our employees to catch up with the changes. The rebranding project will take up to six months to be fully implemented. The brand’s new visual identity is gradually replacing the old one,” Moqadampoor said adding that he is hopeful that the rebranding project will deliver desired results in the coming months.

He also noted that “working with NGOs and charities is somewhat peculiar. NGOs lack the organized structure that commercial companies have. This means working with NGOs has its distinct challenges. To overcome these challenges, we’ve devised a small team from the organization to collaborate with the ad agency and oversee the rebranding process, which resulted in a well-balanced and orderly cooperation.”

Kiyanoosh Tanha, art director at 1001 Branding Agency, explains, “After carefully studying and inspecting the brand’s values and principles, a new tagline was introduced for the charity.”

The charity’s new tagline is “Kaarsaaz” in Persian, which means problem-solver and capable. The name Raad was adopted from a holy Quranic Surah. Raad in Arabic means thunder. It evokes the image of God’s gracious rain pouring down on the earth after thunder. The name alongside the brand’s tagline is encapsulated in the newly designed logo, which is circle shaped and bears a resemblance to the old Raad logo.

In designing the new logo and other parts of the brand identity, such as choosing a color palette for different departments, the name, and the brand’s tagline were considered.

Raad charity is made up of young activists, volunteers, and instructors. These young and hopeful spirits had to be reflected in the brand’s visual identity. The project is in its final stages and will be completed soon.