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Ramak Local Cheese; a Real Local!

Informing customers about the arrival of a new product in the market is one of the important tasks of the brands, which is usually carried out through advertising campaigns.
The story of Ramak local cheese advertising campaign too is the  announcement on the arrival of a new product. Ramak is a brand with long-standing record in dairy products in the southern provinces of the country and is well known there. Recently, the product has launched a campaign to raise the people’s awareness about the “local Ramak cheese.” The campaign was designed and launched by the brand unit of the Eshareh Advertising Agency from the dnaunion group of companies.
The most important issue Ramak wanted to solve by launching this promotional campaign was to raise the awareness of the people about the Ramak local cheeses and the brand of Ramak. The attraction of new customers, emotional connection with the customer, the pleasure of experiencing a fresh, original, homemade and different taste are among other goals the brand is following in this campaign.

The brand also wants its product to become known in the competitive cheese market. In the campaign, Ramak has used a local term to introduce its product, but for the brand, the term “local” does not mean traditional and the brand has tried so that this cheese is not confused with traditional Lighvan cheese. What Ramak means by “local” is homemade and natural cheese. The local Ramak cheese has many benefits and features, such as being low-fat, low-salt and healthy, with fresh milk taste, gel-textured, sliceable and a short expiration date due to lack of preservatives.

The target audience of Ramak in this campaign are women aged 25 to 50 who are interested in fresh and healthy home-made products, and are somehow capable of directing the family tastes and food and drive them on a healthy path.

Ramak, Friend of Big and Small! Different stages have been taken to formulate Ramak advertising campaign. In this line, after conducting market research and deciding the target audience, the insights of the audience and the current trends of the day on health and nutrition have been studied. With these trends, three main behaviors, namely new experiences, healthy nutrition and diversity were identified among target audiences.

In the meantime, the product benefits were re-examined in order to establish a link between them and the audience’s insights to formulate the main idea of the campaign. Benefits such as fresh taste, home-made and authentic local, healthy (low-fat, low-salt), along with the insight of “looking for a different taste experience,” led the campaign ideation to go along with the “delight of genuine local flavor in modern life.”

Based on the formulated communication strategy, different points were considered in the design of the idea; such as: 1. Freshness of the cheese made from cow milk; 2. Stressing the original and local features of the cheese; 3. A friendly and intimate tone with the audience. Ultimately, the creative idea was defined as follows: Ramak local cheese from the very start is made in a natural environment, in a lush plain, with tools and utensils having a nostalgic sensation, from healthy cows, in a natural process and free from preservatives. Therefore, the production line of the cheese was symbolically created as a completely natural production line, all of which was made with wood and reached the consumer from the heart of the nature.
The story of suggesting the feeling that Ramak cheese is natural was completed with the choice of the following theme: “Ramak Local Cheese; a Real Local”.

The slogan in addition to pointing out the main advantages of the product, namely its being local and authentic, keeps the name of the product alive in the mind of the audience.
Alongside this slogan, the familiar and friendly tagline of  the brand, “Ramak the Friend of Big and Small”, is also featured in all the advertisements; This in addition to remembering Ramak as an old friend and familiar name, underlines the vast circle of its audience and its sincere tone.
To convey its message, the campaign takes advantage of outdoor media, media outlets, TV, radio and sampling. The campaign started on October 17 and after that, Ramak plans to introduce other new products for further information and to attract new audiences.