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Surprise in Most Emotional Time of Life by Pampers

Being surprised in the most emotional time of life is something that would certainly last in one’s mind for long years. The Pampers brand recently presented some gifts to mothers who had just given birth and created such a sensation in its audience: Mothers who would never forget the sweet moment their babies were born and each time and every time remembered this occasion they would also remember the Pampers gift.

The Pampers gift samples were donated to moms by the DMN-A Brand Experience Agency from the dnaunion group of companies in 5 hospitals in Tehran. While donating the package containing Pampers products the mothers were also provided with some useful information about feeding their babies – information that will greatly help improve communication with children. This measure was taken in line with the social responsibility of the Pampers brand: Activities that will make the brand more intimate with its audience; a relationship that has taken place in the Pampers brand’s new approach and also led to positive feedbacks from the audience: Feedbacks that will keep the brand in the minds of its audience for a long time.