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Rouzaneh Supplies First White Triangular Cheese to Market

The memorable Rouzaneh cow image has been featured on city billboards this time to introduce a brand new product. The new Rouzaneh product is “white triangular cheese”, which Bell Rouzaneh Dairy Company has launched extensive advertising campaign to introduce the product. The campaign was designed and implemented by the Magnolia Advertising Agency from the dnaunion group. We talked with Mona Tavasolian, senior manager of Rouzaneh brand and the Executive Group of the campaign to learn more about the dimensions of this massive campaign.


A Lasting Advantage in the Minds of the Audience

Mona Tavasolian, senior manager of Rouzaneh brand says Iranian customers have known Rouzaneh brand for some 20 years — A brand that maintained a different presence in the market by supplying white cheese in Tetra Pak packaging and was introduced to the clients as a modern brand.

Rouzaneh white cheese has a soft and delicate texture in comparison with common white cheeses. This competitive advantage has been fascinating for Rouzaneh cheese customers, and is still one of the most distinctive features of the product in the cheese market.

It is for some time that Rouzaneh brand has decided to launch a new product into the market. For this reason, the brand has carefully considered the market and analyzed the products that enjoy a good place in the market. One of the products that has a good and growing market share is cheese cut into pieces.

The cheese that has the largest market share these days is available in KIBI and the smiling cow brand from Bel-Rouzaneh. But the important point is that currently the two products are marketed in sliced format (KIBI cheese) and processed cheese (smiling cow). In this regard, Rouzaneh decided to overcome this vacuum in the cheese market, which resulted in the creation and presentation of triangular white cheese. Bel Rouzaneh is the first company to offer this type of cheese with Rouzaneh brand on the Iranian market.

Tavasolian added: “Triangular cheese pieces or sliced cheese have unique characteristics. Due to its special packaging, this product makes it easy for the consumer to use it as much as they want, while preserving the product’s freshness. It is also possible to carry and use the product at any place, such as traveling, school, party, etc.



Rouzaneh White Cheese Group

The senior director of Rouzaneh brand said that in order to introduce this product to female audience between 25 and 45 years of age many other communication programs have been considered. Also a large campaign has been planned and is running. The campaign emphasizes the product’s fresh taste every time you try it. According to research conducted in this regard, the freshness feature attracts the audience more than other benefits.

The product has been introduced at various points of sale as samples and the sampling has been welcomed by the audience. In addition, advertising billboards are screened and the audience will be gradually watching animated and digital TV ads.

Tavasolian added, “Rouzaneh brand campaign in addition to ATL includes BTL ads. In this section, the same outdoor advertising scheme is used for broad advertising and broadcasting machines. In this way, audiences will face the same advertising campaign in advertising tools. As for the theme of this campaign, the phrase “a twinkling to life” is a tagline Rouzaneh has used in all the campaigns it has run. Through this slogan, Rouzaneh tells the audience that it is trying to provide them with quality products and considering the personality of the Rouzaneh cow to keep them away from daily concerns even for a short moment, and bring them simple joy.

In the meantime, in proportion to any campaign, a sentence next to the phrase “a twinkling to life,” will convey to the audience the main message of the brand. In the recent campaign, the phrase “Every once in a while comes with a blink of life” is considered.

The senior Rouzaneh brand manager said about other promotional activities: In line with the introduction of the product, 20 administrative or commercial offices that have a major brand audience are included. Of course, in this activity, in addition to the main audience, gentlemen are also present. Rouzaneh intends to provide breakfast packages at the workplace of the audience. With this activity, audiences who are busy with everyday issues will start their day with a good breakfast and a good feeling: A client who comes out of the house early in the morning and upon arrival at the workplace is offered a breakfast package including Rouzaneh cheese and milk, plus bread and honey.

In line with product sampling, the Rouzaneh brand will also be present in the parks where families get together and are met by branded bicycles and tricycles. In this advertising style, audiences will try and remember the product in a different environment.



Campaign Ideas

Pouya Sabbagh, a project manager from Magnolia Agency, commenting on ideation of the advertising campaign, said: “We have come up with the campaign idea through interactive collaboration with Rouzaneh brand managers. The main goal was to design a message where each time the freshness of the product was passed to the audience during consumption. The transmission of such a message on animated TV shows was a challenge. In order to meet these challenges, we tried to highlight the stages of development and how to use this product with the presence of Rouzaneh lovely cow. The story of this ad is fascinating and the narrator is the lovely cow of Rouzaneh who introduces the product to the audience. The advert will surely engage the rest of the audience in addition to the main audience.

Such a process has also been implemented in digital advertising. Digital advertising is designed in the form of a comic strip with the presence of a lovely cow, in which the main message of the brand is narrated in the form of a story for the audience. In this way, audiences are well involved with the brand message and accompany it. Of course, in digital advertising, realistic and attractive images have also been used to introduce different product styles. In this regard, we will try to show the audience the main facts and advantages of the product. Influencers will also help deliver messages in this section. The focus of digital advertising will be on the Instagram – a medium that tracks the audience of Rouzaneh, and the number of followers is increasing day by day.

“In the end, I must say in digital advertising, the audience is told how easy it is to use the product at any place. There are also different ways of using these ads. All components of the Rouzaneh brand campaign are connected to each other through the slogan “Every once in a while, a blink of life”. In this way, all the different processes of the campaign refer to a single message.

The campaign will continue until the end of the summer 2019, and after that we can talk about the exact results.