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SAMSUNG looking for opportunities

Samsung Electronics has launched the new flagship smartphones Galaxy Note5 and Galaxy S6 edge in Milad Tower. At this ceremony, Duck Park, Managing Director of the Korean company said: “The last product of Samsung is captured the world. As always, Samsung is a leader brand in smartphone market. In 2011, Samsung could record production of 300 million mobile phones in one year. In 2012 Samsung became leader of smartphone market and had the biggest share of the market.”

Regional Managing Director of Samsung in Tehran office believed that his company has a special place in Iran market and Samsung mobiles are people‘s favorite now. He said they have presented Samsung mobile division in Iran and other countries simultaneously. Now, Samsung has the first place of smartphones in Iran. During the last two years, Samsung has been the first choice of consumers.

Ali Jafarieh, Senior Manager of Samsung phones in Iran said: “We have a simple rule in Samsung: listening to the market! We pay attention to market demands and analyze the details. We have a great team of engineers, designers and managers; therefore, we produce a new product based on what we analyzed and found from market.”

Jafarieh said there are two groups of Samsung smartphone end users. First, ordinary users who like take photos and share those in social networks, and play games. The second group is professional users whose smart phones are their assistant. They use their phone in meetings to take notes and check mails.

Today Samsung unveils Galaxy S6 edge + for ordinary users and Galaxy Note5 for professionals.

He added: “The first day that Samsung went to choose big screen for smartphone, everybody thought this is ridiculous. However, today Samsung has many users who choose and appreciate big screen. Samsung smartphone is no longer a phone, but is a good assistant for people.”

Pouya Qaznavi, managing director of DMN Company, said: “Samsung exported different kinds of phones to Iran and make them accessible for everybody. In fact, Samsung covers market demands in Iran. Samsung is among few companies who has CSR policy in Iran.”

It seems that Samsung is monitoring Iran market which leads to a big success for this company.