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NOTRINO: The New Generation Internet

NOTRINO is an elementary particle which possesses a very little mass and moves at a speed close to the speed of light. The NOTRINOS are surprising particles that are scattered throughout the universe and given their very weak action on other particles of the material, they take very long distances within the material without any barrier.

Do you remember the early days after the birth of NOTRINO? Everyone wanted to know what the unknown NOTRINO was. Everyone wanted to know the answer to this question and wanted to become familiar with this newly emerged being phenomenon.

The NOTRINO of Hamrahe Aval (Mobile Telecom Company of Iran) has been born in Magnolia. Arash Afshin and Hamed Khorsand describe the story of the discovery of NOTRINO at the yard of Magnolia.

Arash Afshin says: “The adventure of the Internet G3 and G4 was, and still is, a sensitive and important issue for Hamrahe Aval Operator. In those days one of the operators presented this facility prior to Hamrahe Aval. Therefore, Hamrahe Aval needed a name or a slogan to both differentiate it from its competitors and also be new. The competition was intense.

Hamrahe Aval in its first step was after a name in order to make a maneuver on it. We were briefed on the subject. We had to make a pitch and there were a number of other agencies. We held a meeting with the creative staff. Now that one of the competitors had presented the product sooner, Hamrahe Aval was looking for a name in order to differentiate its product; the name should have been capable of creating a lot of excitement in the customer.

We insisted on different concepts. Speed, the need to gain access to new worlds, possibilities that are provided by the Internet mobile, galaxies, names of gemstones, treasure and everything valuable… Finally we reached the light; the speed of light…”

Hamed Khorsand explains: “The guys conducted research works on the fundamental particle of the light one of which was the NOTRINO. The characteristic of the NOTRINO is that it is durable; gravity has no impact on it; it is neutral and has no orientation towards any direction.

Now NOTRINO was in need of a tag line. Most of the audiences who use the broadband Internet and smartphones are young. And this is the Internet of “today” generation. This was the point where Kasra Forouhi created the valuable generation of Hamrahe Aval: NOTRINO, the Internet of the new generation…”

Arash Afshin continued by saying: “For Hamrahe Aval which has always acted prudently, the name was considered a new movement. The fact that the name being foreign and to some extent intangible was a source of concern for them but for us the new service and its new name were compatible with each other. The name was expected to spark questions in the audience.

Presentation of ideas for the TV advertisement of the NOTRINO started and finally the promotion for presenting NOTRINO was made and went on the air.

This name and the theme was a positive event in Hamrahe Aval campaign, a name which is there to stay and never die…”