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Advertising Masterclass: How to Offer Best Prescription to Customers!

Selling Ideas: Powerful Tools for Presenting Ideas to Customers

The most important achievement of advertising agencies comes when they stand in front of their customers and are supposed to present their ideas to them. This encounter should occur in the most effective way so that the customers would quite willingly express their satisfaction with the execution of the ideas. In other words, this would place both the activists of the advertising agencies and the customers in the same boat allowing them to forge successful cooperation in order to achieve a common goal.

The AVV School, a member of the dnaunion group, held the Selling Ideas workshop in order to present a creative machine to sail the boat. In the Selling Ideas training workshop different and targeted mechanisms were presented for the creative and effective connection of the three sides of the triangle: The agency, the consumers and the customers.

Also, the training workshop was held on the basis of targets such as:

ONE: Helping the advertising activists in presentation of effective and more creative ideas or online ideas that are supposed to be offered to the customers.

TWO: How the team presenting the ideas can boost its self-confidence during the work.

THREE: How the team selling the ideas can attract the confidence of the customers towards their ideas.

FOUR: How the idea selling team can discover the thoughts of the customers that are supposed to buy the ideas so that only points are discussed during the process of performance that are needed by them.

FIVE: Presenting operational mechanisms that can be implemented quickly and people can gradually reach the necessary capability in this respect.

SIX: Presenting a mechanism through which advertising activists could simultaneously analyze and present creative, strategic and online ideas to the customers.

AAV School by holding the workshop intended to provide opportunities for the people attending the workshop to obtain capabilities such as:

ONE: Paying attention to selling creative ideas.

TWO: Using the capability of one’s personal connections while better presenting ideas before the customers.

THREE: Attracting the confidence of the customers at the time of sale.

FOUR: Using a series of specific elements that can help the creative group to have more successful presentation by applying them.

The training workshop sparked different feedbacks and the participants expressed different views some of which are mentioned below as samples.

ONE: This workshop was very effective and applicable for those who are regularly in contact with customers and are busy selling them creative ideas. Also, in introducing better ideas in the creative section in this workshop mechanisms were presented that were very interesting.

TWO: The information presented in this workshop for those who are active in the creative section of advertising agencies was effective and capable of becoming operational from the next day after the course.

THREE: Emphasis on the importance of human relationship with the customers which helped significantly in better understanding of this topic.

FOUR: Identification of the needs of the customers while effectively presenting the ideas to them.

FIVE: The participants in the workshop had previously presented their ideas to the customers but presence in the workshop helped them increase discipline and care.

SIX: People by attending the workshop noticed that prior to countering the customers they should fully understand the process and the ability of the performance of their ideas and attend the session with full readiness.

SEVEN: As selling occurs in the advertising agencies for this reason presence in the workshop was effective for all advertising activists.

It is to be noted that the Selling Ideas training workshop was held in the course of 18 hours and in two days in the month of Ordibehesht (April/May), 2017.