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Nowruz (New Year) gifts are one of the best mediums of communication between the audience and the advertising agencies. It is a great benchmark for the agencies to demonstrate their interest in their customers. This important fact has led the agencies to invest a great deal of time in designing and presenting their gifts (projects).

Eshareh Advertising Agency of dnaunion group also welcomed the spring by implementing a different and appealing idea as its Nowruz promotional gift. Eshareh Advertising Agency’s gift comprised a mattress, two inspiring globes, a candle and a card which was sent with a simple design and packaging but a different appearance to the target audience.

We have interviewed members of the group who came up with this Nowruz gift idea to find out more about the details.

Tell us how you came up with Eshareh Advertising Agency’s Nowruz gift?

Nassim Dana: Every year Eshareh Ad agency follows specific principals focused on creativity to design its Nowruz gift. Eshareh, as its suffix (creative solutions) suggests, is constantly looking for creative ideas. The agency attempts to somehow reflect creativity in its promotional gifts every year. Two years ago if you remember, Eshareh’s gift was a small pillow. A pillow through which the public was told that they can be creative even while sleeping. We believe that people don’t need complex tools in order to be creative and can create ideas in any given situation. Eshareh’s audience too is eagerly waiting every year for the present and the idea sent to them by the agency. This year too, Eshareh Agency has made every effort to provide a creative gift and tried to have a different perspective. Considering these issues, we came up with the idea of Meditation during the sessions. Meditation is a powerful technique with which people can change the direction of their mind structure and lead it to a desired one. One of these directions can be creativity. Through this idea people were told that they can achieve this level of consciousness anywhere. In other words, executing this technique does not require a specific unusual space.

Alireza Soltani: Eshareh Agency’s strategy in all promotional gifts is to show the directions towards creativity. What is important is that contrary to public belief, directions towards creativity are very simple. Sometimes taking along a chair into the nature and sitting on it forms a creative idea and at times mental blocks can generate creativity. Keep in mind that nowadays people face numerous dilemmas and live in a hectic world — dilemmas that block the path towards creativity in people. People therefore need to stop and take a breath from time to time. Now the question is what means can ease the confusion and turbulences we face around us so that we could reach peace of mind and proper thinking. For example if you leave a cup of coffee containing sugar alone it will settle and blend. Finding peace (of mind) is therefore simple from time to time. Simplicity can have deep approaches. The most available and easiest tools that can help create peace and tranquility, are the tools familiar to everyone these days, candle, two peace globes and mattress are the simple things with which people can more easily move towards peace. As a result the main concept of Eshareh promotional gift was formed considering this movement. Keep in mind that showing an unusual incident was not our intention. We wanted to express a deep concept in a simple way — a simplicity which was also reflected in the gift and its materials. In this regard, we were careful so that the gift would not assume an aura of the East or any other particular region.

Please elaborate on the design technique and text writing of the promotional gift?

Dana: Every year Eshareh Agency designs and presents a creative gift to its target audience. The gifts’ scope and design vary from year to year. So the gift ideas have never been scope oriented; rather the gifts are selected based on concept, form and material. Eshareh promotional gift, from idea generation to execution, has taken nearly three months. In the card design, it has been attempted to apply Eshareh organizational colors. Although following the main concept was very important to the group. In regards to the text I have to say the approach to writing the gift card text this year is slightly different from the previous years. There was a satirical approach in the texts in the previous years but this year, considering the concept’s approach the text writing trend has also changed. Authoritative and suggestive tones have been avoided in the gift’s text and we have pointed indirectly to our main purpose. Our intention was not to give specific direction to the gift. Harmony of the materials with the organizational colors was also very important to us in the process. Nevertheless, by applying the organizational colors we have tried to portray the organizational identity.

Soltani: The concept was never influenced by the dimensions of the gift; it just made transportation a bit difficult.

What target audience did you consider while generating the idea?

Dana: Customers, contractors and colleagues are the three groups that are considered among the target audience for this gift. Of course the group received positive and interesting feedbacks as soon as the promotional gifts were sent and the gift idea was different and interesting to most people.

Soltani: Our main intention was not to attract all the audience, but rather to inspire people to reflect — to create a feeling of comfort and to find a strategy for meditation and peace. Considering all these aspects, you definitely cannot attract everyone in the audience. Eshareh Agency’s new year gift is designed for the public audience and attracting the public is not always possible.

Why didn’t you use the public element of the year in the promotional gift?

Dana: Our intention was not to insist on the specific element of the year in our design, in order to avoid replication, therefore our goal was to execute a more original and diverse idea. Preparing this new year gift and its materials was not a very easy task but it was delightful to our group and we tried to deliver it in the best way possible. Designing and executing this gift was a close team work and this very matter resulted in the successful outcome.

Soltani: Eshareh Ad Agency’s Nowruz gift was delivered in a simple packaging and design and we intended to convey the key concept to the audience in the simplest way possible. Simplicity alongside with plain creativity techniques was the message we wanted to convey to the audience.