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Advertising Masterclass: How to Offer Best Prescription to Customers!

To find out the taste of the customers and showing a mutual behavior towards them has always been a big challenge for the advertising activists – a challenge that AAV School has tried to overcome by holding the its first training workshop in 1396 (2017) under the theme of ‘Advertising Masterclass’ for the advertising companies under the cover of the dnaunion group.

In this training workshop whatever the active advertising agencies should know has been discussed. In the Advertising Masterclass workshop the participants were asked to imagine themselves as a chef who is supposed to make the favorable food for their customers. To find out what a taste would be favored by the customers is not a simple matter. It is a method the mechanism of which will not be realized by confronting the customer and the active person in the agency at the time of establishing the relationship should constantly be after finding a creative channel for getting closer to the customers.

The training course was managed by an international lecturer who has been active in holding AAV promotion courses for years and has also experience in the field of advertising. The aim of AAV School behind holding the course was to upgrade practical capabilities of the participants — capabilities that from the next day after attending the workshop would be practically reflected in the working environment and the people would have the opportunity for implementing them.

Targets have been considered for this training course such as:

ONE: Reviewing the basic and fundamental principles for identification of different advertising ideas and a framework to place them.

TWO: Empowering people to generate creative advertising.

THREE: Empowering people to make judgment about advertising works.

People present in this training course all were active in the advertising industry, but their participation demanded a broader and more transparent view towards what they are doing.

Also, this training course generated different feedbacks. Some of the participants in this course raised points which have been referred to below:

ONE: In this training course real case examples were reviewed and the result was that the topics were more palpable.

TWO: Because the cases mentioned were mostly foreign examples, it greatly helped standardization of behaviors and next performances.

THREE: Presence of different people active in different sections of advertising agencies in this period has further strengthened the spirit of partnership and teamwork in them. FOUR: This course with regard to its training methods had the capacity of becoming operational and people with respect to their field of activities could take advantage of it. FIVE: Finding a creative and different answer to the common question between those active in the field of advertising and the customer is among the cases that was emphasized in this program and different mechanisms were presented for it.

It was announced in the course that there is no common language between those active in the field of advertising and the customers. It is not a strange development as priorities are different for the people in each working location and the same priorities form the common language. This common language takes shape as a result of speaking and more communication and would gradually become better and more lasting.

SIX: With regard to the points mentioned in this training course, it was found out that there is a great difference between the definition of advertising in Iran and what is done abroad and therefore it is necessary for the domestic advertising activists to take a deeper look at the scientific and operational subject matters.

SEVEN: The study and categorization of idea models in advertising was highly welcomed in this course. The models presented were so tangible that the participants said they could easily adapt them in the real world of advertising in future.

The 16-hour training course was held on 16 and 17 of Ordibehesht 1396 (6-7 May, 2017).