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dnaunion Supports Active Marketing Startups in ELECOMP

The dnaunion group managers in the two sections of Elecompitch and Accelerating Room at ELECTAMP 2018 exhibited advisory services for active startups in Adtech, Martech, and Market Research areas.

The team evaluated 14 startups related to the marketing industry with the evaluation of 78 startups in the “ELECOMPITCH” program, among which three startups, “Nazarbin”, “Smart Web” and “Hami Club” were selected as the top starters. By awarding prizes and winning awards, the group announced its support for the young entrepreneurs in these areas.

It must be noted that, given the presence of active startups in diverse fields, the dnaunion group decided to offer “specialized marketing consultancy” to 10 selected startups.

Also, the group’s managers attended the “Accelerating Room” to hear the ideas, opinions, and problems of young entrepreneurs and provide them with solutions.

Many startups around the world are busy with marketing, but our country is facing a lot of challenges, with startups having little inclination to this area. This is while the advertising and marketing industry, like any other industry, will be transformed sooner or later. These changes have started with digital penetration in the industry, and we will see huge changes in the field over the next ten years.

Iran International Electronic, Computer and E-Commerce Exhibition (ELECOMP) is the largest business event in the field of producing and supplying products and services of the electronic and computer industries in Iran, which is held annually with the big participation of experts of this field and their audience at the permanent ground of the international exhibitions in Tehran.