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World Cup Advertising: Opportunity or Waste of Budget?

Emrooz Marketing Research Company (EMRC) will examine the trend of brands advertising during the time period FIFA World Cup 2018 is held.

The FIFA World Cup has profound impact on the country’s advertising industry: Advertising the effect of which will become known after this international event is over; also brands will evaluate their performance and achievements.


EMRC too has been reviewing the performance of the country’s advertising status during the time period the World Cup 2018 and will report the changes made compared with last year.

EMRC in its report will focus on various dimensions, such as the amount and timing of advertisements, budgeting of brands, and advertising tariffs. In addition, EMRC will have a comparative study of data changes over the same period last year.
EMRC will also introduce the most active advertising brands in the research and will scrutinize the audience behavioral patterns during the time the games are broadcast.

The report will be published after the tournament in the news media. Those interested in this information may follow us on the media.