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For the First Time in Iran Eshareh Company Receives SMETA Standard

Eshareh Advertising Company has succeeded in receiving the SMETA (Sedex Members Ethical Trade Audit) standard. This is the first time an Iranian company has received this international audit procedure. In this standard, companies, in addition to complying with all ethical principles with respect to their employees, are also required to implement technical principles in the building of the company.
Samira Norouznia, from Eshareh Company comments on SMETA standard said: “We have been seeking a standard for a long time at the request of one of the international companies that has worked with us for a long time. All international companies are requesting this standard to cooperate with companies that adhere to the principles.
Therefore, the company has taken significant steps to implement the requirements of this standard in two parts: observance of ethics and professionalism in relation to employees and observance of technical requirements of the company’s premises.
“Our company has reviewed all the regulations and received the necessary confirmation that they have been consistent with the audits of the Ministry of Labor. Of course, the company had complied with all the principles of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs before implementing this standard.
Norouznia added: “Interestingly, sometimes compliance with some of the regulations for Iranian companies is challenging, but our company without taking and only for observing the rights of its employees, has respected all the issues including the principled stages of employment, the employees’ health, mental and physical status… have already complied. In the meantime, all the safety issues of the buildings have been met and the company has been equipped in this respect.

 “All in all, I would say this standard proves authentication of the principled performance of Eshareh Company.

It should be noted that the standard was obtained with full supervision of SGS representation in Iran.

SMETA is an audit procedure which is a compilation of good practice in ethical audit technique. It is not a code of conduct, a new methodology, or a certification process.

Using SMETA, a supplier can have one audit conducted and share it with multiple customers, rather than having a different audit conducted for each customer. The SMETA documents are designed to be used by experienced auditors in line with current established practices.