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Magnolia Unveils New Product of Zar Group

Zar Company has recently presented a new product called “Zar Oil” to the clamorous edible oil market. In order to introduce its new product, the company has designed and implemented a promotional video with the cooperation of the Magnolia Advertising Agency. The video has been broadcast on the television. In this connection, we have interviewed Amid Rashedi, the content strategist from the Magnolia Advertising Agency which follows:


Q: Could you please explain about the initial brief and the conditions you were faced with for designing the TV ad?

The Zar Group was planning to unveil its new product. It was the corn oil product which was supplied to the market under the brand name Zar Oil. The Zar choice for the unveiling campaign was production and broadcast of a TVC that could properly introduce the product and attract the attention of the audience to the supply of the new product in the market.

The emphasis of the Zar brand was on the idea that the video should be different in terms of ideas and narration from similar ads on edible oils. As we have witnessed in recent years most of such ads are focused on the family and family parties as well as on the lunch or dinner table and the main message of the campaign is usually heard directly from the actors in the form of a dialogue. Therefore, the customer was looking for a distinction in the video.

Regardless of this approach, the challenge still remained in force for the Magnolia Agency, as the brands of the edible oil are really devoid of a competitive advantage and thus showing a distinction in their advertisement seems to be a difficult task. That is why most of them focus on the health concept. Of course, the emphasis on health comes from the insight of the audience that is always suffering from this concern, or in other words guilty conscience. Oil is a product that is consumed daily in families, but perhaps the Iranian consumer still cannot reliably refer to the health of the oil that they buy and that is the reason most brands stand at this point. Zar Oil, however, intended to convey different messages simultaneously to the audience within 30 seconds. Of course, those involved in this field know that choosing more than one main message in an advertising campaign is not a proper task. As the saying goes, our campaign message should not have “and” in it. However, most of the time we have to move in accordance with the wishes of the customers!

Several messages and videos; demonstrating Zar Oil’s expertise in oil production, product quality, using quality raw materials, and introducing Zar Oil as a new product of the Zar Group, along with specifications such as its use in cooking (for roasting, salad and baking) in a form not to be mistaken with frying oil, was a collection of messages that were mentioned in the brief.

Q: Could you please explain about the solution to the problem and the steps taken in the ideation stage for its implementation?

The brilliant record of Zar brand in the minds of the Iranian consumer due to the familiar name product such as ‘Zar Macaron’ made it possible for the new product to benefit from such credibility. Although we were in the phase of giving information about the brand, such an important point could have been noticeable in the communicative strategy of Zar Oil. Such a situation could not be ignored and perhaps the best choice to make such a distinction was to use this background. Therefore, in the creative strategy of this project, we set the principle on the transfer of this message. Prior to launching ideation, the Magnolia team paid a visit to the Zar Oil factory and in fact what attracted the attention in the visits was the modern equipment of a huge plant. The obsession and cleanliness could be found in every corner of it, and the expert staff who calmly controlled the stages. What made Zar Oil distinct was the same image. Therefore, providing a decent image of the factory environment and research and production experts was the option that found its way into the ideation sessions and eventually was chosen as the main idea. Accordingly, a narration-oriented scenario was written and after meetings with the customer we reached a version that the present video is one performance of it.

Q: Could you please comment on the design of the advertising theme?

Magnolia suggested that in the unveiling phase we do not use a specific tagline and let the brand find its true theme over and over during further communication processes. Therefore, based on the strategy and main message of the campaign in the pack shot, only the motto “A New Product of Zar Group” would suffice.

Q: What executive mechanisms were employed for the implementation of the idea?


In this video we addressed the issue in two ways. The emotional dimension of this relationship reminds the audience of the glittering history of Zar Group. Here we used an allegory. The video begins with the profile of a goldsmith who is smoothing a gold piece with great care and skill: A master who seems to have spent so many years in this field. Allegory means describing something in disguise as something else, and with this idea we intended to introduce the idea of a Zar Oil expert in an effective way. Finally, the layout is completed and in the close-up view we see the Zar Oil logo as a golden plaque in the hands of the master. This logo takes us to the factory where Zar Oil corn oil is produced. The same obsession and skill is expressed in the image of the factory. In this atmosphere, the audience is encountered with the face of an elderly man who, in appearance, reminds us of the goldsmith master in the primary scenes. This character is the same Zar Oil expert.

The other dimension of this issue is related to the display of the features of the product. In a simulated image, we see the process of oil extraction from the corn seed germ, which ultimately leads to the packaging of the product. The whole story, which has a smooth rhythm, takes about 30 seconds, and is accompanied with the warm and authentic voice of Keykavos Yakideh.