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Collaboration Between Sufi Business School and dnaunion

Yalda 1395: We Spent One More Minute Together

This year Yalda was the first event held after the happyunion group started its work.

happyunion has decided to mark various occasions, implement CSR activities and also perform programs in line with the happiness and entertainment of the colleagues more seriously.

Representative of happyunion in each company was present in the process of suggesting ideas and implementing programs for Yalda festivity this year. It has been announced that the most creative idea will be well awarded.

And the Yalda event in dnaunion …

Companies of the dnaunion this year too as before, gloriously celebrated the last night of the fall and the longest night of the year.

Yalda night celebration, this ancient tradition, was held in every company of the group in a special form and in line with the targets and values of the companies.

Magnolia celebrated a happy and lively Yalda; few days left to the event all the colleagues cooperated in all the stages of the celebration from suggesting ideas up to the performance of programs.

The Magnolians, by helping Sistan and Baluchestan Welfare Department, carried out their responsibility on that night.

EMRC people with clay pomegranates saw off the fall and had their fortune told for the next year.

Eshareh Company’s Yalda night was full of watermelon and pomegranates and red color; those in Eshareh also had their fortune told: mysterious divinations accompanied with award.

Colleagues at the dnaunion building also participated in the Pictionary game and celebrated a Yalda which was more dynamic, happier and different from the previous years.

But, certainly the most innovative idea for holding Yalda celebration belonged to the DMN.

The DMN group had designed a space in three sections of fall, Yalda and winter which suggested the idea of passing behind fall and entering into winter.

The company also presented a creative gift to its staff to remember the night.

For each of the staff member, depending on their job in the company or their spirit, an ironic piece of poetry was read as the divination of Yalda.