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70 Years at the Service for Health

A Glimpse at Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company Campaign

Big brands at different time intervals need to communicate with different groups of audiences by using various channels. Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company is one of the big and effective brands in the field of sanitation and health. For some time now the company has been planning for implementation of an expanded campaign on the occasion of its 70th birthday. Eshareh Advertising Agency as the advertising consultant is standing beside Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company.

Hamed Ayenehsaz, Director of the Public Relations Office of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company, commenting on the campaign for 70 years of the company activities, says: “This year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company. Dr. Abidi’s brand is the first pharmaceutical company established in Iran. On this basis, the company’s senior executives decided to share this important issue with the public and the group of their audience. The senior directors had tried not to confine the issue of the 70th anniversary of the company to an event with the presence of specific guests and convey the message of this event within the framework of a 360-degree campaign to the group of the audience. For the campaign, different advertising media have been used in order to convey the message to a broader audience. However, 70 years of constant presence in the Iranian market and production of high quality goods in the area of health, are great achievements. To accomplish this hard and difficult route should be taken which Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company is currently taking. Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company is currently taking advantage of the most advanced devices and equipment and is using the most specialized manpower and as has been expressed in the motto of this complex, this brand is always making efforts to be a pioneer in innovation and offering progressive services. This company, in less than five years has been promoted from the rank 14 among companies active in the field of medicine to the first rank. This process is indicative of the long-term strategic program that senior directors of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company has compiled in the field of pharmaceutical production and is implementing it. Therefore, Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company has achieved its goals and presence of the competitors in the market has not been a reason for launching the campaign. Of course, this campaign will surely distinguish the position of the brand in the look of the audiences and this distinction will be attractive for the brand and its competitors. It should be noted that no company like Dr. Abidi has experienced such expansion and history in the medicine market.”

“As for different phases of the campaign marking 70 years of the activity of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company, Ayanehsaz said: “In the first phase of the campaign our aim is to introduce the profile and personality of Dr. Gholam Ali Abidi as the father of the country’s pharmaceutical industry and familiarizing all the audience in this regard. He is one of the influential figures and one of the servitors in the field of health. In the first phase of the campaign, attention has been paid to the quality in the field of medicine production and advertising messages have been compiled in this regard. The first phase of the campaign will be finished in the month of Dey (December/January) and its subsequent phase will start immediately. In the next phase, in addition to recalling the message of the first phase, the other group of the audience will be targeted. Other groups of audiences include students and activists in the field of medicine. Generally, we have considered the advertising methods of ATL and BTL for this campaign simultaneously. “At the end I should say that Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company by launching this campaign is hopeful to be a good starter in this field and encourage activists in the field of health to enter the scene for better communication with the public and hold different campaigns in the field of sanitation, treatment and health and take advantage of the modern marketing and advertising methods.”

Kamyar Zolfaqari, the director of the advertising campaign for 70th anniversary of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company said: “Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company on the occasion of its 70 years of activities decided to hold a widespread advertising campaign. Dr. Abidi’s factory was founded in 1946 and this year it is experiencing its 70 years of activities. The campaign has been planned for a year and its first phase is being implemented with an aim of branding. In the first phase, different media such as environmental, TV and digital outlets will be used. Environmental advertising of the campaign, with the slogan “70 years of service for health” and body copy of “Dr. Abidi Company is 70 years old” has been launched. In the wake of environmental advertising, TV ads of this campaign in line with the same slogan will be launched. In the TV ad part of the history of Dr. Abidi’s life will be illustrated with the narration of Mohammad Reza Foroutan.”

Zolfaqari said: “Abidi brand has been founded by Dr. Gholam Ali Abidi, the father of pharmaceutical science of Iran: The person who founded the first pharmaceutical company in the country and put it into operation. Dr. Abidi is an influential personality in the field of sanitation and health of the country but little information has been published in the virtual space about his activities and life and he has remained unknown in this regard. Therefore, this campaign is the best opportunity and channel through which to offer to the general public, especially customers of this brand, the 70th anniversary of the company and the influential personality of Dr. Abidi. Somehow, we founded the branding phase of the campaign of Dr. Abidi’s complex by focusing on the personality of Dr. Abidi.”

Zolfaghari added: “As I said, information about Dr. Abidi’s life is meager. On this basis we decided with the help of a writer to compile a book in line with his life. The author, after the preparation of each section of the book, will put the produced content at our disposal and the group will put that section at the disposal of the audiences through social networks. For the digital part of the campaign, efforts will be made to upload the website of Dr. Abidi Company ( by the digital group of the company. With the help of the digital team its ranking would go up and it will be used for the publication of the content we consider. In continuation of digital activities a telegram robot (@drabidibot) has been prepared and published. Through this robot, a competition will be run through which different questions will be asked from the audience. The questions are related to the content produced for the campaign to answer which the audience should refer to the Website of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company. For this competition awards have also been considered.”

Zolfaqari concluded by saying: “The present campaign is the first phase of the advertising of Dr. Abidi Pharmaceutical Company and its audience group is the entire public. With the passage of time, interesting events and other advertising in line with the campaign will happen.”