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Organizers of an Event Are Hidden Foundations of Its Success

It was some time ago that a magnificent ceremony was held at the Milad Tower to unveil the new flag bearer of Samsung Company, the Galaxy Note 5 and the Galaxy S6 Edge Plus. The event was the outcome of cooperation between Eshareh Company and DMN.

Setareh Alirezaeifar, director of the events division of the DMN says: “In holding of events, we are faced with two types of orders: one in which the customer exactly knows what they want and we just carry out the order; there is another order in which the customer wants to hold a ceremony with an aim of presenting a product in which the main idea should be offered to the customer and after its approval it will be implemented. Therefore, the type of dealing with one order is different from another.

“The Samsung project was held at the Conference Hall of the Milad Tower with the close cooperation of the complex directors. The press conference was held in the morning of August 30 and the main program was held in the afternoon the same day. Along with the main program, a place was dedicated to the display of the products. Interesting games which made the facilities of the mobile sets touchable had been designed. The ceremony was concluded with a performance by Dang Show Group.

“The number of the invitees was 1000 people which was quite a significant number in its kind. Given that the ceremony was running in different sections and with regard to different classifications of the guests, the mechanism of the reception, the type and the location of the reception, the seats and the gifts for the guests… were all carefully planned. To ensure a sound implementation of the program, a day before the event all involved in the program rehearsed their parts.

“On the whole, the customer was very happy that the ceremony had been held in the best possible way.

“Usually we have a limited period of time for executive planning, its approval and its implementation and I think if the customer is more aware of the implementation and timing of the project it will render a great help to its better performance.”