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Crossing the Boundaries of Creativity in Advertising

If we examine the term creativity from different dimensions, no major difference will be observed between advertising in Iran and outside the country. Iranian youth and activists in advertising are creative in terms of intelligence and perhaps it can be claimed that they have nothing less than what activists do outside the country.

One of the most important tools of creativity is the ability of storytelling; an ability that is seen in Iran in abundance. Keep in mind that for a long time, the world’s communication doors had been closed to Iran and the Iranians were not familiar with modern advertising tools; the tools that have disabled domestic activists to easily express their mental creativity. Therefore, lack of access to the required technology is one of the cases that have made advertising in Iran lag behind the global advertising industry.

For example, the low speed of the Internet would not let domestic activists implement numerous advertising practices and creativity. Since a significant portion of the Iranian audience is unfamiliar with the digital world, new creative mechanisms cannot be implemented for them. If someone intends to do a new job in this field, due to the reasons already mentioned it would remain inconclusive.

As a result, due to the existence of some bottlenecks advertising in Iran is steps behind global advertising. Of course, such impediments can be overcome quickly, but this elimination requires time and for its implementation, one has to be patient.

Clients Outlook towards Advertising Industry in Iran

In the meantime, the outlook of clients is considered to be another concern in advertising industry in Iran. The perspective of those giving order in the field of advertising has cultural roots. Surely, this attitude will create differences in advertising. Changing this culture is not easy and no advertising activist can change this culture overnight. It would take centuries to change this culture. As a managing director cannot change organizational culture of a business within six months or a year, advertising activists too cannot change the culture of clients towards advertising.

On this basis, a relative stance should be adopted on these differences between domestic and foreign advertisings. Culture is an important issue in the formation of this dispute, but it is better not to attach too much importance to it. Therefore, at present for the activity we should come along with the existing culture and influence it bit by bit. For example, by changing the colors and elements gradually change can be made in the clients’ perception. Paying special attention to this dimension of the difference will prevent simple movement in the field of advertising.

Domestic Advertising Activists Capable of Talent Creation

Activists of domestic advertising are capable of further creative works than we have already seen. However, they have not been able to pass through borders of creativity so far and it is not clear in which sectors they should exercise creativity.

Domestic activists in this field have still a unified stance towards the tools around them. When all domestic advertising activists have tools just like the billboards at their disposal, one should not expect them to offer much different works. If they are provided with new platforms they would automatically think of more creative solutions for the implementation of new works.

Domestic advertising activists are able of faculty creating and with a little time and more patience can prepare more creative works for presence in international advertising arena. They should consider creativity in different dimensions of an advertising work and make greater efforts.

Activists in this field should somehow change their look towards the tools around them and consider creativity from different aspects for the creation of a lasting effect. Advertising activists should think of presence in international advertising festivals. So far, no Iranian company has participated in international advertising festivals but the perception about this field is changing and a number of Iranian companies attended international events this year.

Domestic advertising activists with exact focus should analyze works of the Cannes Festival and other festivals. At present, they should identify their strong and weak points and start maintaining presence in global event with due regard to those weak and strong points. If activists take this trend with sensitivity they would present works that would be specific of Iran and will be seen at the festivals quite distinctively.

The activists in this field should refrain from copying other works because this would ruin their global credit. Different reasons can be searched for this absence such as lack of the required tools and limitations that domestic advertising activists have so far been faced with plus insufficient budget of advertising companies.

Advertising companies sometimes spend the budget of a movie on an advertisement. By managing this budget and reducing it, they can present better works to the festival.

This is merely because of the broadness of the Cannes Festival and no other reason can be sought. The Cannes Festival is the biggest festival in the field of advertising and this very feature affects the perception of the audience. Its vastness too would causes quick dissemination of news about this festival.

Meanwhile, different festivals are held in fields which are of less importance in Iran. For example, the FE Awards festival focuses on the efficiency of advertising works and presents awards. Domestic advertising activists should carefully examine all the festivals of this field in order to be informed of all the events of the world.

Source: dnaunion