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Summer Time and Cycling with happyunion

It is summer time and life has another manifestation, and according to Sohrab Sepehri: “Life is the first black fig in the acrid mouth of summer.”

Summer is famous for its long days: Days that if friends spend together, they will be turned into the best times and memories: Memories that happyunion in the dnaunion group makes them in the best possible shape by organizing different programs.

Not long ago, happyunion organized another attractive program. This group in its latest program invited its active co-workers in various companies for a day-long cycling tour. The day when saddle fit bicycles awaited those who had come together to make a happy day. Riding bicycles was an excuse for getting together and keeping away from the routine life: A gathering that makes people happy and amicable. Giving shape to such a day under the not-so-desirable situation is a great job: A job the results of which will soon be reflected in performance of the staff and their morale. happyunion completed the bicycle riding program in the hope of planning another program.