dnaunion Group Acclaimed at Marketing Management Confab


Releasing of the Spirit at the Time of Creativity

Dynamism on the Way of Ideation in cafeunion Programs

Are there those among you who think have ideas, concepts or different and creative words for bringing about a fundamental transformation in the working environment or their life and are looking for an opportunity or an environment to present it?

The dnaunion Group with the cafeunion programs has provided this environment for those interested. The cafeunion is a collection of different programs that the group has recently decided to implement. Pecha kucha is one of the cafeunion programs. In pecha kucha people can discuss their different ideas, outlooks and words in 20 slides each for a period of 20 seconds with their colleagues. The first pecha kucha from the cafeunion series of programs was implemented on March 5 in the dnaunion.

Managing Director of the dnaunion Group, Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, elaborating on the cafeunion programs told the audience that cafeunion is a series of new programs that have been recently designed by the dnaunion Group. The cafeunion programs include sub-branches of pecha kucha and WQIN program. The cafeunion programs are due to be implemented in a friendly and informal atmosphere. People in pecha kucha in 20 slides,20 seconds will speak on whatever they think is different and is useful for others. The 20 slides which automatically change and timing for their presentation are very important for them. The slides should reach the program office 24 hours in advance. If the slides do not arrive in time, people cannot participate in pecha kucha.

The cafeunion programs had another sub-branch called WIN program which is different from pecha kucha. In this sub-branch people with a sentence such as “What would happen if …” would start their speech. Also in WIN program all those interested, in addition to the members of the group and the stakeholders can be presented. For being present in the program people should get tickets. Meanwhile, in order to create an intimate and friendly atmosphere, the cafeunion programs will be held in an environment like spaces.”

In continuation, the Managing Director of the dnaunion Group as the first participant in pecha kucha outlined his viewpoints. Maryam Manavi, head of the training of AAV School who is also in charge of cafeunion programs, as the second presenter in pecha kucha by presenting different slides, reviewed a year of activities of the dnaunion group: Slides each of which presented a page on the success of the group. The cafeunion program is due to be implemented by each group and the second program will be implemented in Farvardin 1399 (March/April, 2017).