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EMRC Attends 69th WIN/Gallup International Conference

A Platform for a 10-Year Mission

It is the closing days of the spring 1395 (2016) and the dnaunion group proudly organized the 30th ODT (Occupational dnaunion Tour) program, which tries to provide the opportunity for those interested in professionally becoming involved in the marketing domain to closely touch their dream in this program.

Maryam Manavi, the Project Manager of the plan says: “Our outlook and strategy as well as the details of this program have been repeatedly announced in previous news bulletins.

“(For further information about this program visit news). In my opinion the opening of this program is among the most impressive parts. In this section, the Managing Director of the group, Mr. Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, while welcoming the participants, asks them to introduce themselves in 20 seconds in such a way to impress the audience. To differentiate a service, good, etc. is among the most important dimensions of marketing, and the person who wants to think of the first professional steps in this domain, should be able to introduce himself in an impressive way within a limited time. The feedback from the participants and the type of their outlook is very interesting. Some of the introductions and smart utilization of the 20 seconds by the motivated youth present in the program were very interesting. After the introduction within 20 seconds, now is the time for each participant to say where would they be in the next 10 years and what would they be doing? This will be registered on a board which will make a platform in the program of the dreams which will definitely be attainable through motivation and vitality. The goals of the participants are among cases that will be registered and maintained in the ODT program.”