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ODT: Industry Is Closer to You than What You Have Learned

There is a deep gap between the industry and the university. University graduates face strange confusions upon entering the labor market. The reason is obvious: what they have learned at the university differ immensely from what they face at the labor market. The academic world experiences a relatively imaginary aura on paper while industry speaks a different language.

The dnaunion group is trying to fill the gap by launching the ODT program.

Maryam Manavy, Director of ODT program project provides some information regarding this program.
Speaking about the incentives and implementation procedure of this program, she says: “dnaunion believes that organizations and individuals each shoulder social responsibilities they should fulfill. For dnaunion, which is concerned about the qualitative and quantitative development of marketing industry and publicity, one social responsibility is to fill the gap between the industry and the university by offering applicable and effective solutions.

According to her, dnaunion comprising 14 companies active in the field of marketing services and publicity intends to share its experiences with marketing students and graduates as well as publicity advocates in compliance with fulfilling part of its social responsibilities.

In order to accomplish this task, she says, the dnaunion designed a targeted plan the general outlines of which were: visits to dnaunion group of companies, sharing work experiences, benefiting from the best practices, exchange of ideas, and open dialogue.

“Our aim was for the students and graduates to closely get familiar with the marketing industry and its occupations in a professional way.

“When the students fill in the questionnaires and tell us about their work experiences and backgrounds we ask them about the marketing world and if they want to pursue the work professionally.

“We also ask them what they would advertise if they had a billboard at their disposal. In response, we received different and diverse ideas: From merely commercial plans to ideas with humanitarian approaches.”
According to Manavy, an important point about ODT is that there is no intention to train the participants.

“We only want to familiarize the students with the real environment of the marketing industry and the realities of professional businesses,” she says, adding that the organizers would only elaborate on the implemented projects and introducing the procedures and tools applied in the process.

Among the participants in the program so far, Manavy cites Mazandaran University of Science and Technology, Faculty of Entrepreneurship of Tehran University, MBA Course of Tehran University, Sharif University of Technology…

Manavy concludes: “We are convinced that this program would further open up the mind of the participants towards professional fields of activities in the area of marketing and would familiarize them with the realities of the industry. This awareness would help the participants to either choose this industry or opt for other business activities.