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On Wednesday and Thursday, November 25 & 26, the AAV Marketing School held a two-day workshop on value proposition and branding for those active in the area of marketing and brand managers. At the end of the workshop and in order to review shortcomings and appreciate the strong points, the participants were asked to write down their views about the workshop. Some of these reflections are interesting to read.

Helia Butorabi, Miele Brand Manager, says: “These two days were very special for me. In the workshops that are held in Iran the participants are mere listeners and only one person speaks and this makes the workshops boring. It was for the first time that I could share my thoughts and creative ideas with others. By participating in this workshop I found out how much I am capable of doing greater works and create great and lovely ideas.”

Kaveh Sani, Henkel Brand Manager wrote: “There is always a new way of looking at marketing issues and the beauty of marketing depends on this diversity as all these outlooks could be right in their own turn.”

In the opinion of Morteza Hosseininejad, Plan & Budge Research Manager of Bank Saman, the course contents were attractive because of the serious approach adopted towards the branding world. He said he had many questions that he had raised during the workshop.

He said class participation in terms of learning had been useful 90% but he found the presented concepts confusing to some extent. However, his general evaluation of the workshop was positive considering the subjects discussed on product development. He is 38 and prior to the workshop he thought he was young but the course had changed his mind in this connection!

Ramin Arang, Marketing Manager of OYAP has written: “This workshop had an interesting approach towards brand generating. Perhaps it would have been better if more examples were given during the workshop. The atmosphere of the workshop was very energetic and the two days were very fruitful for me.”

Farshad Tarkeshian, Sales Manager of GFK considered the workshop energetic and in his point of view it was more than training and beyond student-teacher relationship. He said he enjoyed the free dialog very much and pointed to the physical gestures of the lecturer Jamshid Alamooti as a strong point of the workshop.

Saeed Esmaillou, Marketing Manager of Hayat Kimiya was pleased to have participated in the workshop. He said: “This was the second workshop I enjoyed the most. I am sure I would use most of the points discussed at the workshop in my work.”

Nooshin Khoeini, head of Fooman Shimi product development said: “The new teaching method was very interesting and I consider it a different experience. The most important and practical points of marketing were raised in the workshop. I hope that in the next workshops instead of the digital copy of the subjects books will be presented to the participants.”

Sanaz Khansari, Product Manager of GFK said they have been familiarized with new concepts in the workshop. “The workshop taught me a lot.”

Maryam Manavi, the educational supervisor at AAV School, after termination of the workshop expressed her viewpoints and those expressed by the participants. She said the AAV Marketing School started its educational activities for the staff of dnaunion Group two years ago with an aim of promoting efficiency of its staff.

This workshop with an aim of educating applicable skills in the field of branding is the first course being held for customers outside the group and target enthusiasts. The main perspectives of AAV in this course were practicality, applicability and freshness of the subjects and its international nature. To this end, we went for an experienced, well-known option such as Berlin Innovative School. The subject selected for training was relevant to the activity of the AAV School, that is to say marketing.

At the end of the course we looked for the feedback of the participants in the workshop. In our point of view, keeping pace with the demands of the participants is the main factor for dynamism of AAV. We are after promoting the level of education on the basis of demands of the society. AAV has numerous and diversified educational programs ahead and intends to implement them gradually.