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A Vernel Touch: The Secret of Having a Fresh, Soft, Clean Scent Fabric

Traffic of trucks carrying different cargoes throughout the city attracts the attention of every passerby. These trucks are loaded with Vernel softener in very large dimensions; This is an advertisement through which the Vernel brand has created too much noise throughout the country. This advertising campaign has been launched by Eshareh Advertising Agency from the dnaunion group. To shed more light on different aspects of this broad campaign we interviewed Yassaman Moshfeqi, the Creative Director of Eshareh Advertising Agency and Azadeh Sharifi, the Brand Manager of Vernel.

Yassaman Moshfeqi, Customer Affairs Director of Eshareh which has launched the campaign of Vernel brand comments on the idea of Vernel trucks and says: “Vernel is a fabric softener liquid which has been presented to the Iranian market by Henkel Pakvash Company recently and intends to register the brand on the mind of the audience within the framework of a broad campaign. As the first effective step in line with accomplishing this target, it was necessary for the product to be introduced to the audience throughout the city and interact with them. To this end a theme in line with this approach was designed for the trucks.”

Moshfeqi added: “Combination of the attractive theme of the “Softest Cargo in Tehran” together with a different and impressive idea would make all the audience curious and interested. In addition, not only the campaign design was based on conveying a message on the basis of softness and delicacy, but the slogan would raise the curiosity of the audience and their talk about this brand.”

One of the distinctions of Vernal campaign compared with other campaigns is its BTL section; in this way two trucks were designated as the advertising media so that by moving around the city they would convey the message to the audience. The cargo in these two trucks was designed and implemented in a creative way; one of the trucks was designed in the teaser phase as a large gift package with only Vernel name on it. After a certain time and movement of the truck in the city, this large package with ribbons on it was gradually unveiled. A very large bottle of Vernel was put on top of this truck which attracted the attention of many people by moving around in the city and this caused the audience to well remember the Vernel bottle. The other truck carried a very large chamber made of glass inside which was filled with very beautiful soft and delicate flowers made of fabric and the Vernel product in large dimensions was within the flowers as a symbol of softness. The truck was decorated with beautiful lights and even at night would attract the attention of the audience from a long distance.

“This truck and its traffic around the city is a symbol of movement of softness and elegance in a gray city covered by pollution and now it is supposed to become pleasant and aromatic. The slogan on the truck conveys the same message: “The Softest Cargo in Tehran”; a soft cargo which conveys the message of delicacy. This truck gradually travels other cities; from Tehran to Rasht, Shiraz and Isfahan. Also in each journey, the theme “The Softest Cargo in Tehran” will be substituted with the name of the cities. Finally, the trucks make a two-month trip in Iran and as the advertising vehicles carry the message of elegance and softness of Vernel in different cities. In addition, videos were prepared from the movement of the trucks in the city and people’s reaction and were later posted on social networks.

“Influential people and celebrities in some social networks, by releasing the message of the campaign have rendered a great help. Therefore, with the start of the unveiling of the trucks and beginning of their journey, a number of influential and active people in the social networks were invited to take creative pictures of the trucks and by releasing the pictures in the virtual spaces, convey the message of the campaign to the audience. This way these people released the pictures together with attractive sentences on social networks, such as Instagram. Meanwhile, baskets of flowers were sent for each of these people with Vernel product among the flowers. These people used the Vernel sent to them and talked about its softness with their audience.

“Another measure of the campaign was using twenty laundries in Tehran. Windows of the laundries were covered with posters and stickers which introduced Vernel softener to the audience. Also in Esfanad 1395 (February/March, 2017) after Vernel softener was used on clothes and fabrics in laundries, this was conveyed to the audience by putting a tag on them with the slogan “Love This Vernel Touch”.

Azadeh Sharifi, the Vernel Brand Manager, commenting on the process of the entry of Vernel into the Iranian market as well as the stages of formation of the campaign idea, said: “It was around November 2016 that this German brand started to enter Iran. Products of this brand, with three different fragrances, are used in one and two liter bottles. Among advantages of this product as compared to other competitors in the market mention can be made of its very long-lasting fragrance as well as its very high strength in softness and elegance. The Henkel Company is interested in the fact that its customers use high quality products at most affordable prices.

“With regard to this target, Henkel decided to put products of the Vernel brand at the disposal of the Iranian customers. The vast campaign designed for entry into Iran was implemented on the days when the audience was feeling the elegance of spring; the same delicacy that Vernel has offered to the Iranian customers and has given shape to the original message of the campaign. In fact, the specific spring climate and the change in season resulted in the simplest understanding and better interaction of the audience with the campaign message. The Vernel campaign has been classified in different phases and has been used in different media. Meanwhile, although part of the campaign is allocated to the traditional media and TV promotions, the BTL advertisement constituted the bigger part of it.

“In the second part of its campaign Henkel intended to introduce its product to the smart Iranian audience in the shortest possible time; therefore the movement of the trucks was launched and then the idea of the influential people in social networks was implemented. The Iranian audience is interested in new and creative mechanisms and this is very encouraging for us.”

Sharifi further remarked: “The movement of trucks attracted the attention of many viewers. This attraction was exactly the same point that Henkel Pakvash had in mind from the very beginning. The Henkel Pakvash is always after creative advertising mechanisms and has so far been very successful in this regard. In addition to the slogan “Eight Weeks of Lasting Elegance” it further emphasizes on the performance of the product. All the customers of the softener product more than anything else are after high softness of the product, a specification that Vernel is well committed to. Furthermore, the campaign audience was selected from among married ladies of 25 to 45 years old. This was one of the reasons that social networks were selected as the media: active presence of these ladies in different networks.”