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Special ODT Program Underlines Importance of Qualitative Research

Insufficient inattention of Iranian businesses to market research and data costs them dear: A negligence which they can compensate for only by attaching importance to the debates on qualitative and quantitative research together.

The dnaunion group in its latest ODT (objective driven testing) program in the new Persian year 1396 (started March 21, 2017) launched in compliance with its social responsibility puts great emphasis on qualitative research and its lack in the Iranian market.

One of the dnaunion group companies known as EMRC (Emrooz Marketing Research Company) has been active in the field of qualitative and quantitative research for a long time and provides Iranian businesses with significant market data.

EMRC held a special ODT program attended by Dr. Saeed Nabavian, a researcher in the area of qualitative studies which focused on the importance of applying qualitative research by Iranian businesses.

The program was attended by selected individuals studying psychology, statistics, marketing, etc.

Dr. Nabavian had prepared an interesting program for the participants in the ODT 1396 event. Nabavian who has participated in numerous qualitative research projects of important global brands evaluated the participants through specialized tests. He said that in qualitative research we are faced with human contacts through which we realize why and how consumers of a certain product make a choice. This very issue makes the subject attractive and important.

Qualitative research is a method to gain an understanding of underlying reasons, opinions, in-depth motivations, conditions and inner judgments of people. It is applied about the products, services and generally speaking any subject related to the opinions and viewpoints of individuals. In this research method, it is very important to establish a proper and suitable connection with the audiences – a connection in whose establishment the presence of different fields is effective in the process of project implementation.

Businesses should take proper advantage of qualitative research along with quantitative research in order to know its audience better and survive in the market. Of course, qualitative research is also used in various social and political projects in the world but in Iran little attention has been paid to the issue and hopefully useful steps would be taken in this respect soon.

The special ODT program with qualitative research approach was also interesting for the participants and changed their outlook about the debate on qualitative research.

One of the participants said: “The ODT program was interesting in the sense that it attached importance to the debates on social responsibilities of the companies and the need that was felt in this regard. Considering that I am personally interested in activity in marketing and publicity, participation in this special ODT program on qualitative research was very attractive. I realized which companies are providing specialized service in the area of market research. My participation in this program enabled me to learn about the importance of market research in a successful business and I will put emphasis on this issue in my future business operations.”

Another participant in the ODT program said: “The program was interesting in the sense that it was different from routine workshops and programs of other companies. The visit to the Market Research Company and acquaintance with its operation style was even more interesting. This encouraged me to follow up the program with more interest and in more detail. The important point of this program was the question mark in my mind about qualitative research. This convinced me to pay more attention to the debate on qualitative research and conduct more profound studies in this respect. In this program I realized that my outlook about research was not so right and that I need a more specialized focus on this issue and my work. I also learned important things from the program held by Dr. Nabavian. The most important point for me was his emphasis that we should not judge others. He said we would have a better output if we did not pass judgments about the opinions of the audiences concerning qualitative research. This was an important point I had not paid much attention to and did not think would be so effective in the outcome. Therefore, I think my participation in this program will be very effective in my business. I will certainly have a better planning about qualitative research and will try to acquire more information in this regard.”

The special ODT program with qualitative research approach was held by dnaunion group on April 24. The next program will be announced later.