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Nescafé, the Inspiration of Festivals

Most of the time people are reluctant to speak about their success, about the reasons that drove them; hence, they try to escape telling their stories. This is why Nescafé launched a global campaign called “My Inspiration” to challenge this order.

“My inspiration” was an online campaign for Iranian users launched by Magnolia Advertising Agency, last winter. It ended up receiving numerous positive reviews and winning various awards in national festivals in Iran; such as the “Golden Falcon” award from the 2nd National Advertising Festival and the “Statue of the Creative Festival” from the 2nd Marketing Management conference.

This was a global campaign that was localized to be launched in Iran. However, it stayed true to its original patterns. It engaged celebrities to ensure its prevalence and wide outreach. Aside from celebrities, there were regular, but rather successful people who also talked about their successes.

The main purpose of the campaign was to share inspirational stories; stories of big successes put in simple words and shared in front of a camera. The stories were then shared by users in social media, which generated substantial engagement and attention for Nescafé in a rather short span of time.

Two of the major factors enabling the campaign to succeed and reach large audience were its hashtag choices and the slogan. “You can be a champion too”; a slogan which tells no matter how big or influential is what you do, what matters is to let your surroundings inspire you to reach big or small successes.

The campaign was unbranded and Nescafé was not the centerpiece, only its logo was visible. A fact which made the users more willing to participate in both the campaign and its competition.

“My inspiration” was founded on firm and stable grounds and followed the right path until the end, gaining media attention and receiving positive reviews from various festivals and conferences and thus, be endorsed by them.