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dnaunion: beyond an organization

dnaunion is a place to stay, a place people can like due to its values and proudly say: “I am a member of the great dnaunion team!”

But how can we understand what characteristics should a member of dnaunion have? How would we know dnaunion?

The dnaunion public relations team invited staff who are somehow new and not acquainted with the group yet to the dnaunion building to have breakfast and talk about different issues. In the meeting which lasted for a few hours the newcomers found friends and became familiar with each other’s careers.

Furthermore, the dnaunion public relations team is convinced that people would become interested in a group when they realize they are dependent on a larger group and this would become an incentive for their being. In this friendly gathering, the dnaunion public relations team familiarizes the people with the type of activity as well as values of the organization.

They have an informal breakfast, a good laugh and then proceed to become familiarized with the organization.

Prior to the meeting the participants are asked to say in one slide if they did not have this job, in what career would they imagine themselves? The answer could be many things. At the beginning of the program the slides are shown and the people became familiar with the present job status as well as dreams of each other. In that same meeting, Nasser Pashapour, a member of the public relations and Managing Director of dnaunion asks the staff in what position would they imagine themselves in 10 years. The answers are written down to be revisited in 10 years from now.

Yet another Member of the public relations team Maryam Manavy will summarize spiritual environment dnaunion. In this section of this has been transferred to the audience a sense that if you dream in this organization, they can be with us and with our professional behavior training to help you partners and have good days in dnaunion.

In continuation, Mr. Pashapour elaborates on the activity, vision, mission and companies under dnaunion supervision.

Now another member of the public relations team, Maryam Manavy, outlines the dnaunion environment. Here the audience would get the feeling that if you can find your dream in this organization, you can join us; by teaching you how to act professionally, we will help you find good colleagues and have good days in dnaunion .

Then, Parastoo Rostami explains briefs the audience about values of dnaunion; common values are expected to make the work easier.

Being pioneer, teamwork spirit, and long-lasting relationship constitute the values of dnaunion. That is to say, to survive in this organization while being a pioneer, you should perform teamwork and also think of long-lasting relationship. These values have been written on badges and the new staff can pick and stick them on their chests or keep them as a souvenir.

Then comes the turn of the public relations office to brief the audience on its activities: Just like the end- of- the- year celebrations.

At the end of the program the new staff are asked to draw their imagination of the dnaunion with the stationery that ae put at their disposal. dnaunion will keep the paintings and writings as a memorial.

In conclusion, members of the new staff receive a copy of a group photo taken in the morning.