Workshop to Formulate One-Year Strategy of dnaunion Group of Companies


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Value Proposition and Brand Building

The fact is that in contemporary world brands are talking in a different language than yesterday. Communications and access to the Internet and social networks have remarkably changed the relationship between the brand and the consumer/customer. Now, the customer is not merely someone who would do shopping in order to meet the demands; rather the collection of the senses they have developed for the brand determines the form of their look and decision making towards the product/brand.

In line with keeping pace with this perspective, the Dnaunion Group held a two-day workshop on value proposition and brand building for some company brand managers.

Jamshid Alamouti, the workshop lecturer and Dean of Berlin School of Creative Leadership says: “In the past, it was the brands which imposed their weight on the customer and a loyal customer was the one who under any circumstances would buy a brand because of their interest or trust. But today, it is the customer who decides the rules of the brand to a large extent. In order to be turned into a loyal customer in addition to the brand itself, the quality of the product and its guarantee the customer pays attention to other issues such as the responsibility of the brand with regard to the environment and even its political orientations. In other words, the customer will consider the overall profit and loss of its spiritual values. Brand building ccording to this perspective is possible only through one way: considering the insight of the consumer in building the brand.”

Brand manager of one of the companies present in the workshop said: “What distinguishes this workshop from other workshops is its interactive nature and dealing with the advertisement topics of the day. Concentration of the workshop is on the insight of the audience; that is an issue that has not been much addressed in the advertising worlds of Iran. Creating value for the customer is the missing link of banding in Iran. Branding, contrary to what we think, is not merely selling a product but rather creating a unique experience in the costumer on the basis of their demand.”