Barsa at 5th Office Furniture Exhibition: Hofex 94


AAV Marketing School: Workshop for DMN Company

Impressive Presence of dnaunion Group of Companies in National Advertising Festival

Tehran hosted the first National Advertising Festival. The advertising industry of Iran is now having a festival of its own that is supposed to be held every year and further encourage activities in this area.

The festival included speeches, diversified workshops and the competition section. In the competition section in eighteen different branches, promotional activities of the brands were reviewed and finally awards were presented to the winners. Badkoobeh Advertising Agency, Iran Novin Advertising Center, Aftab Network and Eshareh Advertising Agency received awards of the festival.

The dnaunion group with three Barsa, DMN and Pajoohesh-e Bazaar and Resaneh Emrooz stands had an outstanding presence in the festival.

Dr. Mohammad Mousavi, Managing Director of Eshareh Advertising Company (one of the companies of the large dnaunion group) and a jury member of the festival says: “When such an extensive event like this happens all those involved in the industry should join hands and take measures for the consistency and continuity of the event. Therefore, our first motivation was to support the festival. In the later stages, this event could be a good opportunity for the dnaunion group to address those involved in the industry (brands and agencies) and demonstrate capabilities of the companies of the group. We hope that the next courses of the festival will be more fruitful and the dnaunion group will have a stronger share in the event.”