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dnaunion Remembers Mir-e Nowruzi

In the continuation of the entertaining and creative programs of the dnaunion for the ceremonies marking the end of the year, last year from among all the ideas, the one about Mir-e Nowruzi offered by the Brand Solution Department was selected and implemented.

There are many things that we have forgotten; what we remember are confined to Yalda and Mehregan festivity, the last Wednesday of the year and Nowruz (the New Year). But, our colleagues at the dnaunion suggested another ceremony that is occasionally referred to only by those who recite poems of Hafez. In Esfand 1393 (March 2015) they revived the tradition of Mir-e Nowruzi.

The story of Mir-e Nowruzi is such that on the threshold of the New Year people would choose an ordinary person as the king (Mir) who would rule for a few days. After this period, everything would return to normal. But, during this period the actual ruler himself and the rest of the people should obey orders of Mir-e Nowruzi. The philosophy behind this activity was to bring happiness to the life of the people at the time of rebirth of the nature.

The dnaunion which will always prepare exciting adventures for the ceremonies marking the end of the year, in the month of March 2015 in all its companies elected someone as Mir-e Nowruzi. It made no difference whether the guy was a man or a woman, whether a director or not… all could participate and the elected person after putting on the crown became Mir-e Nowruzi and ruled for two hours and implementation of his/her orders was mandatory.

Some announced closure of the company while some others invited all to lunch at the expense of the company. One Mir-e Nowruzi ordered his car be parked in the place of the car of the managing director and… it was a long story!

The objective was to make the staff at dnaunion happy for a few hours. After the event was over all were prepared to participate in the ceremony marking the end of the year which was customary of the dnaunion.