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Sam Derakhshani, Setareh Eskandari and Gelareh Abbasi were among the celebrities who attended the Garnier brand event and helped promote the new product of this brand. Garnier brand recently held a ceremony for the introduction of its new product.

Ladan Borhani, the Project Manager of the Garnier brand event from Magnolia Advertising Agency said: “Garnier is one of the brands of the L’Oreal Group which is supplied to the market by Zarsima Ara Company. This brand has started its activity in the Iranian market with hair color product and its constant emphasis on providing products with natural ingredients.

“The Garnier brand since late fall this year has presented a new product in the field of hair care with the name “UltraDoux”. The emphasis of this collection of products is on natural components and raw materials that have been extracted from the heart of the nature and include shampoo, softener and hair mask.

“Our group inspired by the nature defined a concept for it on the basis of which an event was held. The Garnier brand event was composed of three sections. The first section included a press conference which was held in the presence of reporters and influencers of the cyberspace in a sunny morning of autumn and after breakfast was served.

“In the second part, a formal dinner was served with the participation of special Iranian and foreign guests and in the last part a training workshop was held for the sales group of the brand. In this workshop, the sales team became acquainted with the original concept of the product, sales targets, and its angles. Meanwhile, the design of the environment was among the main factors of this event.

“The product had been sent to the market in autumn. Although in this season the colors and the atmosphere would not let the natural quality of the product be displayed to the audience, the Magnolia group exerted its utmost efforts for a natural presentation of the atmosphere with regard to the main concept of the event.

“Of course, different other factors, such as the presence of the celebrities rendered outstanding help to make the event more attractive. The influencers were highly effective in spreading the message of this event in the cyberspace. With all these efforts, the message of the event in a short period of time was sent to the group of the brand audience.”