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Certius, International Marketing Consultant: A New Member of dnaunion Large Group

The Certius Company which is among the prominent Iranian and European consultants, its managers are with a history of over 20 years of activity in Iranian and international markets, has now joined the large dnaunion group.

Gerhard Barcus, Managing Director of Certius, commenting on the activity of the company says: “Certius is a marketing consulting company which helps international customers to expand the scope of activities in Iran and by creating trade opportunities, establish long-term relations in Iran.”

He enlists the expanded consulting areas of Certius as follows:

• Market research

• Compilation of executive and strategic market programs

• Brand building

• Investment

• Legal and tax issues

• Human resources

He adds: “Some of these services are directly offered by the Certius Company and some others in partnership of other members of the dnaunion group. For example, in the market research section, we work with Pajohesh-e Bazaar and Resaneh Emrooz (Market Research and Media of the Day) Company.”

Barcus outlines the key methods for introducing Certius to the Iranian market and the international market. “For introducing ourselves to our customers we have three important and major methods: one is the website and social networks (Linkedin) of the company which has energetically started the work. In an initial step to introduce ourselves to our clients on Certius website the latest news related to Iran’s market will be uploaded for the attention of the audience. The second factor is our communication network and our customers on which we rely. Certius will work on its relations with the embassies and centers such as the Chamber of Commerce and we intend to take measures through them. Release of related articles, participation in seminars and domestic and international gatherings are among our other tactics (for example in December we participated in a seminar held by the Australian Chamber of Commerce). Our target market in the first stage will be Germany, France, Spain, UK, Australia and India.”

Comparing the sanctions and post-sanctions conditions, Barcus says: “Iran’s economy in the past years has been affected by the sanctions and today there is a new chapter for starting economic activities in Iran. In other words, there is an opportunity for taking advantage of the fruits of sanctions-free economy. Many companies around the world have fixed their eyes on Iran and are willing to start their economic activities in this country. The Iranian market enjoys many attractions in the international arena and this is good news for the Iranian economy, international market and companies like us. There are many works to be accomplished.”