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Profiling: Skill for Effective Communication with People

In the hot summer days of 1395 (2016), the AAV School of Marketing once again was hosted students interested in learning profiling, an applied tool in facing colleagues and customers more effectively. Profiling is a skill which divides people into different personality groups and tries to teach you the appropriate treatment with each case under different situations.

One of the key convictions in the AAV School is that after finishing each course every student can have the ability to do something new or experience an effective change in the way of their attitude. This belief has well been included in the profiling course and the participants after completing the course while fully believing that there are differences among the people will know them better and treat each of them appropriately.

After this course which took one month and was held in five sessions, the participants were divided into four groups with each group working on its own project. The projects in this course had been changed in proportion to the participants from different companies and the participants were to review and improve the credentials of their companies in proportion to the profile of the individual who was due to visit their company (profile of this person had been announced to each group).

Profilization, Meganolia, DMN Heroes, and dEMC were the four groups who participated in this profiling course among which the dEMC succeeded in gaining the highest scores from the jury and also the other groups, and was announced the winner.

The AAV School is happy that learners with new and applicable skills came out of this training course and hopes that the participants will be able to take utmost advantage of this skill in their professional and private life.