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Ramadan is a blessed and clamorous month for the Iranian brands. A month when the advertising approach of the brands will change and most of them will try to comply with the Ramadan mood in one way or the other. Evaluation of the promotional presence of the brands on television in this month is of great importance. Emrooz Market Research Company (EMRC) has carried out an evaluation within a research report.


Survey on Rate of TV Viewers in Ramadan 1398 (2019)

One of the important factors that prompt the brands to have promotional presence in the month of Ramadan is the rate of television programs viewers in this month.

During the month of Ramadan 1398 (2019), the average time for people watching TV programs was 3 hours and 44 minutes, and the per capita of viewers with over 15 years of age was 2 hours and 58 minutes. The important point is that the average of watching TV and the per capita of viewers on TV3 Channel has been higher than other channels.

It should be noted that the genres and the popular networks in terms of the rate of TV viewers and the number of main broadcasts (without repetition) during the month of Ramadan were the following respectively: TV series, sports programs, news programs, entertainment, television shows and TV magazines. Also, among the top genres, the highest rate of watchers goes to the series genre and among the top TV networks the highest rate for watchers belonged to Channel 3. Among the series, Baradar Jaan (dear brother), Deldaar (Sweetheart) and Az Yaad Rafteh Ha (The Forgotten) attracted the highest number of viewers.


Classification of Popular Programs (Without Repetition) Based on Genre & Channel

It is very important to know how many viewers each program attracts, especially for a month in which the rate of viewers changes in comparison to the previous month.

In the month of Ramadan this year, for the popular genres of the TV series and sports, Channel 3, and for entertainment and TV shows Nasim Network managed to attract the highest number of viewers. The news genre on Channel 2 had the highest rate of viewers.


Peak Hours on Popular TV Networks

The peak hours for TV watchers on popular networks have always been important: hours that will boost effectiveness of advertising of the brands.

The peak hours of watching television generally fall on 21:00 to 24:00 hours due to the broadcast of Ramadan series. For Channel 3, this time span is from 21:00 to 22:00 hours with the highest number of viewers. Also, the rate of viewers on Channels 1 and 2 are almost identical at the peak hours but the peak hours of watching programs vary according to the difference in the broadcast hours of the series in the two networks.


TV Commercials in Ramadan

Putting aside the peak hours and the number of viewers, we come across advertising in the month of Ramadan. The highest advertising activities have taken place on Channel 2 and IFilm Channel each accounting for 15% of the total advertising volume. The highest cost goes to Channel 3 with 36% of the total cost in the month of Ramadan. Regarding the duration of the commercials, Channels 2 and 5 allocated the highest time with 15% and 14%, respectively.

In addition to the cases mentioned, among the genres examined, the series on Channels 1, 2, 3, 5 and IFILM had more advertisements in the month of Ramadan. The average number of daily ads in Ramadan was 1331 ads with an average time limit of 45 seconds.

In total, in the 9 TV channels surveyed in the month of Ramadan, the highest number of ads per hour with 2093 ads, belonged to the time limit 13:15 to 18:45. This time span accounts for the highest total of advertisements per hour with 89774 seconds.


Five Groups of Products with Highest Promotion in Ramadan

Five groups of beverages, hair care products and cosmetics, kitchenware products and dishes, ready-made and semi-ready food, and cloth detergents accounted for 46% of all advertisements during the month of Ramadan.

Also during Ramadan this year, TV commercials handled a big volume of advertisements for Alis brand: Advertisement which received feedbacks form viewers and other brands for its style and manner of presentation.

The performance of Alis led to the allocation of 20% of the total volume of advertisement to this group of production and non-alcoholic beer with 12% had the highest number of ads and multi-product advertisement, including variety of cold drinks with 11%, had the longest period of advertisement.


Top 10 Brands on TV Commercials in Ramadan

Alis, Tantak, Gorji, Top, Ilica, Imam Khomeini Relief Committee, Chin Chin, Suban, Rozhena and Carpet City are among the top 10 Ramadan brands in terms of the number of advertisement broadcast. The top 10 brands accounted for 45% of the ads in terms of the number of ads. Also, these 10 brands accounted for 47% of the total time of advertisement in the month of Ramadan. It is noteworthy that among the top brands, Alis accounted for 16% of the total share of the Ramadan advertisement.