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Championship in the Area of Marketing Communications

In the marketing communications industry the role of Account Manager is key and extremely important. People active in this sphere, are in need of having very specific skills in the field of creating effective communications with the customer and development of the business both for the customer and for the advertising agency as well. This is a kind of relationship that if not mutual, can never be transferred into a long-term relationship. This time too the AVV School as a training arm of the dnaunion group decided to hold an international training course in order to promote skills of those active in this field.

Correct understanding of this job environment, familiarity with the challenges ahead and the process for correct encounter with each of these challenges, were the most important topics of the training course. The AVV School has always believed that after every training course, people should be able to tell themselves that from tomorrow, I can do these activities, or I have obtained a better vision towards doing these works. This time also after the course we asked the participants what works they would do after the course or what new vision have they acquired with regard to their past activities. Some of the responses of the participants are as follows:

• I have learned a comprehensive and precise definition of the customer affairs management

• I can better understand the opinion and perspective of the customer and I will try to meet their demands reasonably

• I will show more attention to the customer and their interests

• I will establish a better and more efficient relationship with the creative team

• I will better understand customer’s concerns and I will provide them with a safer and more reliable environment

• I learnt how to give a proper feedback to the customer

• Further and better understanding of the customer in an effort to consolidate the relations and long-term cooperation

The human resource is our most valuable asset in dnaunion group and improving its ability has always been among the most important concerns of the group.

We hope that our champions in the customer relationship sector, by raising the level of their abilities can have a dramatic effect on creating long-term relationships with the customers.

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