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Collaboration Between Sufi Business School and dnaunion

Iranian managers are in need of applied trainings in order to play their role more effectively in their organizations; trainings that are less applied at any center in our country.

Sufi Business School is among those training centers that are trying to bring about changes in the trend of training of manager in the business area and are working to give a practical approach to their training courses.

Mohammad Zahed Sheikholeslami, the school administrator, elaborating on the process of activities in the school says: “The Sufi Business School has been shaped upon a philosophy-oriented policy which makes it different from other schools. We believe that business executives should be trained under the supervision of successful managers in the field. The training or ‘transfer of content’ sector which is administered by teachers under the same old methods in other schools is done at Sufi Business School through educational videos. The first course conducted at the Sufi Business School was principles of marketing which was implemented with the presence of Nasser Pashapour Nikoo, the dnaunion Managing Director, in a fully applied way.”

In continuation of this interview, Sahar Taher Khani, a member of the team preparing educational content for the Sufi Business School further explained the training courses and said: “The Sufi Business School is the first training center in Iran which adopts a different outlook on management training. In fact it intends to teach management to the participants in an applied way. The SBS participants are all senior managers of different organizations with a working record higher than three years and the participants in the training courses have somehow touched the problems and challenges of the industry and are aware of them.”

In the first training course, Pashapour Nikoo, Managing Director of dnaunion, was present at the marketing lecturer. He is one of the experienced activists in the field of marketing in Iran and is fully aware of the Iranian business problems, especially in the area of marketing. Therefore, he was the best option for answering different questions of the participants in the field of marketing. He held a three-day workshop as the classroom for the training course. The class was held in a fully interactive form between the lecturer and the participants and this issue resulted in improving the efficiency of the class. The participants discussed challenges they were faced with in their organizations and the team offered solutions.

Maryam Manavy, the educational supervisor at AAV Marketing School, commenting on cooperation of the dnaunion group with the Sufi Business School said: “After receiving the proposal for cooperation and with regard to the conformity of the educational targets of the Sufi Business School with the educational strategy admitted by the dnaunion group, we decided to cooperate with that business school. To this end, we tried to plan this training course in a specific form by taking into consideration the potentials of the dnaunion group and our past experiences. The specific and different way of introducing the participants by themselves, study of the applied cases in Iran, comprehensive survey of successful international cases, process of sound application of market research tools in advertisement campaign, proper team work and working on projects which are serious and defined out of business concerns of the individuals were among special plans formulated for this course. We deeply believe that for marketing training more complementary methods, in addition to what are presented in the academic system, should be used.”