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Presenting Persuasively!

The first meeting with a client plays the role of spillway — a structure used to provide the controlled release of flows from a dam into a downstream area.  If nor built properly, water would wash away all the ideas and opinions and the customer would leave the session with dissatisfaction. Therefore, presence in the first meeting requires persuasive presentation of the ideas: A presentation that should attract the customer so that they would leave the meeting with a smile of satisfaction on their face. Considering these points, it must be noted that many individuals have problem in a sound presentation.

dnaunion’s AAV School by organizing a workshop entitled Presenting Persuasively tried to teach members of the group creative solutions in presenting ideas to their audience. The educational workshop had been prepared with an aim of removing the common mistakes while presentation had been regulated for individuals during the sessions and through education of good and effective methods.

Because most of the people use a similar method for presentation, therefore removal of mistakes would bring them out of confusion. People by applying good methods of presentation would create more visual and mental engagement with those present in the meeting and they can have a more attractive presentation. By participating in the workshop people can improve their executive methods and act more accurately in presenting it to the audience.

In this workshop, the participants learned how to make an impressive presentation through six stages. These were solutions which would regulate and direct the line of thinking of those participating in the presentation sessions. Such performance would enforce the impact of presentation and would prevent negative feedbacks. Sound presentation would cause establishment of a more transparent communication with the customers and even colleagues in an organization and persuasive presentation would strengthen self-confidence in the people and would encourage them to refer to more accurate points in the sessions. This training workshop is useful for all those who are supposed to have a presentation both inside and outside the organization.


Feedback of Participants in Workshop

The Presenting Persuasively Workshop was generally attractive and informative for the participants but for having a more accurate idea about the feedbacks brief interviews were held with some of them. One of the participants in the workshop said: “Presence in this workshop created a better mental order for the people while making presentations.  This I think was the most important point of this workshop. Meanwhile, the content presented at the workshop was useful and could be put into practice. In this workshop practical activity was also conducted and this approach quickly removed problems of the people.”

Another participant said: “People in the field of our work due to many concerns usually do not consider an accurate strategy for their presentation method and suffice to the PowerPoint files. This workshop and the solutions offered during the course resulted in the removal of such important concerns in the participants. Of course, this course made the job harder for the participants. Because in the class it was said that it would be better to put aside the files during the presentation and this is difficult for those who have not practiced such a method. With regard to the content of the workshop people should rely on their own knowledge and information and the files should not play a key role in this respect. Meanwhile, the participants also underwent practical training which was among interesting points.”

One of the participants in the workshop said: “The workshop had been organized exactly on the basis of one of the needs of the participants. Strong and sound presentation is one of the main concerns of the group managers. It is a need they feel every day and they should meet. Some people have stress while giving presentation and this may prevent them from giving a good presentation. In this workshop good solutions were suggested about all these obstacles and people by employing them can show a more powerful presence in the sessions. With respect to these cases, the workshop was very applicable and interesting for me. In this workshop it was said that the issue and target of presentation is more important that all the factors; people should not pay more attention to other details. During presentation people should pay great attention to the message they convey, because the message conveyed sometimes is not the same as what is presented. In this workshop we learnt through which mechanism we could convey a transparent message to the audience in the best possible way. Stating the aim in a clear and sequential way is another important point that was taught in the workshop.”

In continuation, another participant said: “The theme of the workshop was good and attractive and in my opinion the information provided was applicable and sound. The combination of the people present in the workshop had helped improvement of the efficiency. This workshop would focus more on the speech and statement of the goal rather than the data and files. With regard to these points the mentioned workshop was not just useful for this job and people could easily use the information in other areas. Certainly, with better use of the information I would have better presentation in future.”

It should be noted that the two-day workshop was held in the month of Tir (June/July) 1396 (July 2017).