Inspiration, Creativity and Transformation Workshop


Value Proposition and Brand Building

Workshop to Formulate One-Year Strategy of dnaunion Group of Companies

A workshop to formulate the strategy of dnaunion Group was held with the cooperation of AAV Marketing School and Jamshid Alamooti, dean of a private faculty in Berlin as the course lecturer.

In the three-day workshop, four companies of Magnolia, Eshareh, EMRC (Emrooz Marketing Research Co.) and DMN (Direct Marketing Network) were present as the main companies of dnaunion Group. Taking advantage of the guidelines of Jamshid Alamouti the group codified a one-year strategy for their companies.

On the first day of the workshop, the one-year strategy of dnaunion was raised as the main policy of the companies and on the following days the aforementioned companies on the basis of the general guidelines and solutions presented by Mr. Alamouti, determined the main targets of their one-year plan.

Alamouti made comments concerning the workshop and said: “This is my second cooperation with the dnaunion Group and AAV School. In this term, I was present as the facilitator and supporter of the participants for the implementation of the affairs in a more systematic and innovative form. To encourage the ideas of the companies, inspiration, illustrating new ways of thinking and broadening the deliberation horizons of the participants were among efforts that I made during these three days.

“I have held similar workshop on numerous occasions under the same theme for customers around the world. The culture, the environment, and policies for each country, the difference in the education method and even the use of tools would affect the shaping and trend of the work in different countries. But, the main difference between this workshop and the previous courses is the enthusiasm of the participants for learning and this makes me excited and gives me extra energy. In other words, the participants in this course did not evaluate strategy formulation as a routine effort; rather we were witness to a team work of the companies which had gathered under the umbrella of a brand (dnaunion) and were taking steps for reaching a specified target.”

Naser Pashapour Nikoo, the Managing Director of the dnaunion Group, with a smile on his face showing his patience and satisfaction, said: “This plan has been implemented in the dnaunion Group for years. But this year we decided to carry it out in a different and more excited way. There were several main reasons for this change of procedure. As you know, planning is not a very attractive job and can even be frustrating. The second point was that sometimes issues were raised at a company that could have been applied to another sister company but they were simply forgotten.

“The next point was that until now the plan had been implemented under my direct supervision but we came to the conclusion that perhaps my presence would influence the decision making process and somehow impede the decision making by the companies themselves. A change in the execution procedure, while upgrading the efficiency could have also educational outcome. Therefore, we decided to implement the plan in a workshop and in the form of a team work in order to raise both its attractiveness and its speed. Being together helped the companies to accelerate the affairs, reach conclusion in a short period of time, put aside rivalry and create more cooperation among the groups.

“At the beginning of the workshop, I outlined the condition of the scope of activity of dnaunion and its desired position in the coming years as well as the process of interaction with the present and future customers. Then and during the workshop I responded to the questions of the participants and supervised over the state of the affairs.

“One of the remarkable results of this workshop was the high energy of the participants which was inspiring and a good sign to verify the correctness of the decision.”