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Daria Hamrah Launches Far Reaching Ad Campaign With Help From Eshareh

Major Iranian mobile phone retailor Daria Hamrah has launched a far reaching advertising campaign with help from Eshareh Advertising Agency, a member of the dnaunion family.

Head of marketing at Daria Hamrah Reza Emami says, “Daria Hamrah has recently implemented a rebranding project. Following that project, we at the company decided to also launch an ad campaign to raise brand awareness and introduce the brand’s new looks to customers.”

He explains that prior to the rebranding campaign, Daria Hamrah was known as Samsung’s partner in Iran. “In this campaign we tried to introduce a more independent image of the brand.”

During the campaign the perks of shopping at Daria Hamrah were highlighted. A wide range of products is offered by the firm. Furthermore, all products sold by Daria Hamrah are original and come with product guarantee and high quality after sales services.

According to Emami, “Daria Hamrah adheres to highest global standards of mobile phone retail.”

Furthermore, the company is trying to reshape consumer opinion about mobile phone guarantees by offering topnotch after sales services.

Head of customer relations at Eshareh Advertising Agency Kasra Saberi says, “Daria Hamrah is among the leading payers in Iran mobile phone market. The company has been increasingly investing in after sales services and customer experience. Establishing a modern after sales service center is among their latest efforts.”

“Daria Hamrah is one of the few Iranian mobile phone retailors that offer quality after sales services in line with global industry standards. These measures have turned Daria Hamrah into a respected and well-known brand in Iran market,” he added.

According to him, the current advertising campaign has been launched to increase brand awareness and highlight the company’s competitive edge in the market.

The campaign entails various layers, including out-of-home advertising, TV commercial, radio commercial, and online advertisement. For the online phase online influencers active in fields of technology and lifestyle are employed.

Creative manager at Eshareh Advertising Agency Omid Belaghati says, “Daria Hamrah is among the leading players in Iran mobile phone market. To launch an extensive advertising campaign, the company tapped Eshareh Advertising Agency.”

He notes, “In addition to having a modern after sales service center, Daria Hamrah offers best mobile phone guarantees available in Iran.”

According to him, the campaign was designed in three phases, teasing, reveal, and expansion.  “The campaign includes out-of-home advertising, TV commercial, radio commercial, and online advertisement,” he added.

The TV commercial was designed with focus on technology and has a cyberpunk atmosphere. Belaghati says, “Its novel environment and aesthetics helps the TV commercial to stand out. The ad highlights the wide range of products offered by Daria Hamrah and the quality after sales services offered by the company.”

The digital campaign also delivers a similar message and tries to further engage customers.