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Test Homecare Introduce Ad Campaign With Help From AdOne

To mark the Iranian new year, Nowruz, Test Homecare launched an advertising campaign with help from AdOne, a member of the dnaunion family.

The campaign was launched few days before Nowruz. It mostly revolved around concepts like the start of the new year and, and spring. Along with a poetic message about life and spring, the ad highlighted one of the perks of products made by Test Homecare, their tantalizing aroma.

AdOne was in charge of the campaign. The ad agency also manages Test Homecare’s online presence.

Test Homecare brand manager Behzad Kharaman says, “With the spread of the Covid19 and the economic headwinds Iranians are facing, we at Test Homecare decided to release our spring message before Nowruz to extend a heartfelt message of hope to our customers and countrymen. We tried to reignite hope in hearts of our audiences and prepare them for Nowruz and new year celebrations. Considering the hard times we are living in, any spark of hope is precious and we tried to preserve and strengthen hope in the society through this campaign.”

The ad was part of a campaign that Test Homecare had launched a few months ago which included a digital campaign.

Every year ahead of Nowruz, Iranian families thoroughly clean up their houses trying to freshen up their environment. Kharaman says, “Ahead of this campaign we asked our customers to use Instagram AR filter to record themselves cleaning their homes using Test Homecare products.”

“We picked several Instagram users who had participated in this social media campaign through a lottery and awarded each 10 million rials,” he added.

He notes, “By participating in this campaign, users reminded their friends and family that Nowruz and spring are approaching and we should get prepared for the new year.”

The Nowruz video was released following this digital campaign and extended a message of hope and happiness to the audience of Test Homecare.

The video was a joint product of Iran Marketing and Hayat Marketing teams. The two teams invested much time and effort to produce a quality video revolving around the Nowruz message of Test Homecare.

The video is 60 seconds long but a great deal of time has gone into picking the proper music and narration for it.

The video also ties the company’s Nowruz message with one of the main competitive edges of the Test Homecare products, their tantalizing aroma.

Kharaman believes that this message has been delivered in a masterful way in the video. “The video masterfully delivers the message and draws the attention of the audience to the great aroma of Test Homecare products.”

He also noted, “When Test Homecare initially introduced its products in Iran market many people and business insiders asked us why the company had launched products in a market where dozens of old brands are present.”

According to him, before the initial launch of Test Homecare products in Iran market, the company had conducted an extensive survey of Iranian customers and had identified a gap in the market. “There was extensive demand for aromatic homecare products. Test Homecare has filled that gap.”

He adds, “Most of the brands present in the market exclusively focus on strong cleaning while forgetting the aroma of products. Test Homecare identified that gap through extensive research and surveys and address it.”

Kharaman believes that the campaign has been very successful and delivered the desired results through engaging Iranian customers online.