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A Different Experience with DMN Nowruz Gift

Together with the Nowruz greeting card, glasses similar to 3D glasses were placed inside the envelope: Glasses that would instantly stimulate the curiosity of the recipient. To overcome the curiosity, each person after receiving the gift would put on the glasses and would make a different experience. The Nowruz gift, which had already been described, was designed by the DMN-A Brand Experience Agency.

In order to shed more light on the gift, we had an interview with an official from DMN which follows:

Mahsa Ahmadpour, representing the DMN-A Brand Experience Agency’s implementation and design team, said: “Given that DMN is a brand experience, we planned to share a different experience with our customers and audience through presenting this gift. The gift was designed in the form of a greeting card on which a hidden message was hacked. Together with the card special glasses were also put in the envelope with the use of which the audience could read the hidden message over the card which said “Victorious Nowruz”.

As for the idea of the greeting card Ahmadpour said: “The New Year is complicated and challenging due to the prevailing conditions, and some began to publish negative news. Now, by presenting the gift, we reminded all to look at their surroundings positively and with optimism identify and exploit the opportunities hidden in the existing conditions. Perhaps the conditions have changed in comparison with the past, however change is not always bad, and sometimes it makes distinction and difference in the lives of people. In order to find distinctions and opportunities, you have to change the angle of your view and welcome the changes. In fact, our goal was to transmit a hopeful and motivated message to the friends and everlasting companions of the DMN.

The DMN will also implement such a strategy in the New Year. The company will also take a different path by discovering the hidden market opportunities and creating differentiations with regard to the competitors, and will have a positive outlook towards the future.”

As for the style of distribution and production of the Nowruz gift, Ahmadpour said preparation of the Nowruz gift has been done by the DMN team. “For the distribution we also tried to act differently and present the gifts to the recipients ourselves. Such a function made positive feedbacks. Through implementation of the idea we congratulated the friends in person and presented them with gifts. The interesting and joyful point was that some of the friends used the gif upon receiving it and made a different experience for themselves and shared their experience with others in virtual networks.

In conclusion, Ahmadpour commented on the slogan of the gift and said: “Experience Makes the Difference.” It was a slogan that had been designed precisely on the basis of the strategy and the original goal of the gift. This slogan transmitted exactly the DMN’s main message to all.